Home Delivery Network – unimpressed

A bin. A dirty, partially filled bin.

That’s where my delivery from the Home Delivery Network was left today. There was no note or anything else to indicate it would be there.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had problems with the HDNL. A couple of weeks ago I ordered a canvas from PhotoBox which has yet to arrive. When complaining to the PhotoBox customer service I was advised that a delivery was attempted and a ‘sorry we missed you card’ left through the letterbox. I looked everywhere and no card has arrived. I’ve had to rearrange a redelivery to work for Wednesday and I’m hoping it will arrive.

Once that’s arrived I will be drafting an angry email to HDNL.

Additionally I am not the only person with problems. My earlier tweet got several replies.

Has anyone has any problems with Home Delivery Network? Two parcels in two weeks allegedly delivered and not arrived.

  • Bennuk: @carocat Yes – we had huge problems with them when we’ve ordered stuff – just ask @deepwire. Not good. #
  • Bennuk: @carocat @deepwire Drove to their depot to pick stuff up, swore a lot, and decided to avoid using them ever again if possible. #
  • dhewett: @carocat They are awful in Reading, I’ve had some gone missing or apparently delivered too. #
  • LivingDefiance: @carocat yes I have, they keep leaving with neighbours when I say not to. Check your nearby houses. They left it 6 doors Down for me. #
  • deepwire: @carocat HDNL / Yodel worst courier have ever had experience with. Causes foaming at the mouth levels of anger. A complete shambles. #fail #
  • deepwire: @carocat It’s so annoying most places who use them, don’t say! So HMV, Amazon etc you can pay for next day, then HDNL don’t bother. #

Home Delivery Network, what say you?

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