Half-marathon, me?

Just like last year I volunteered at the Race for Life in Reading this month. I’ve been a bit too busy to properly sort out the images though and none of them are that great seeing the weather was atrocious and I found myself very busy the entire weekend.

On the second day I was getting itchy to do something like that myself. After all, 5k isn’t all that far and some people actually mentioned on Twitter that they’d sponsor me. The reason that always turned me off in the past was the belief that I wouldn’t be able to raise enough money and that spending my time as a volunteer was better over all.

As the event concluded, however, I had all but made up my mind to take part in a Race for Life in 2012 in addition to volunteering again. I was looking at perhaps taking part in the Oxford one which has the route throughout Oxford’s city centre and then volunteering a couple months later at the Reading Race for Life.

Along came Shine. I randomly saw it on the Cancer Research UK website and within minutes was incredibly excited about it. When asking on Twitter and Facebook whether my friends would sponsor me over 20 replied that they would.

Shine is on 01/10/11 and is a marathon [26.2miles] or half-marathon [13.1 miles] walk through London at night. It starts at 11.30pm for the half-marathon which is the one I would consider doing. The training plan is crazy and would take up a lot of time.

So am I crazy for even considering taking part? Yes, I think I am! I’m the one that sits on the sofa watching Poirot while knitting. I’m the one that takes the bus when she should be walking. I’m the one that is just generally lazy.

Overall Shine sounds exciting and I really want to take part in it. I will sign up for it on payday this week and then it’s time to start the training!

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