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Getting over my inner swinedog

One of the things I’ve touched on in a recent post is that I am trying my hardest to become more grounded and it involves getting back into a routine with life. This isn’t just having that cup of tea in the morning or getting up at the same time each day, but mainly it’s […]

Earl Grey tea with two sugar and a lot of milk

That’s how I drank my tea for at least ten years. For periods of that I substituted sugar with with sweeteners for no real reason. I remember when I used to work in Slough and commuted via Reading station for four years that my morning routine involved picking up a copy of the Independent from […]

Acceptance, finally

I’m noticing a theme in the past few weeks; I’m making decisions that I’ve not done in a long time. None of them are major and this isn’t some sort of life affirming or life changing stuff, but I’m making decisions that make me more grounded in what I’m doing and what I want to […]


I am absolutely in awe at the amount of donations people have made for Shine! With just over a month to go I have received £248 in donations for the £500 target I have set myself. So how is it going with the training? Well, it could be going better though it’s definitely not going […]

Now all laptop’ed up again!

It’s taken since the beginning of the year for me to get another laptop. Today I finally got one again and I am amazed to be using a 17″ screen!

This month’s been busy

There is so much I’ve been meaning to blog about yet never did get around to in the past few weeks. I’ve actually been kind of busy! I went to Germany. I went to Germany again. I went to Exeter. I went to London. I went to a Proms concert inside the Royal Albert Hall. […]

What to do with leftover wool? #doodleblanket!

I have a lot of leftover wool that has quite literally been gathering dust for months, as well as taking up space. I decided to do something with it and, inspired by @sahfenn’s similar project a while back, the #doodleblanket was born. As I have always liked big blankets I set the width at around […]

Coach travel etiquette

I went to Exeter to see a friend today and it involves three lengthy coach journeys: Reading -> Exeter Exeter -> Heathrow Heathrow -> Reading I left Reading this morning at 9.20am and won’t be back until 11.00pm. Most of that time is spent on travelling – nine hours stuck on coaches! (Let’s not mention the […]

Semi-productive weekend

It’s been months that I’ve had to tidy up and with some new furniture and storage boxes I was really running out of excuses to not do it. I did do my best to procrastinate [read: sleep] all weekend though, but this is what I’ve done: I have finally found a place for the canvas […]

Shine London 2011 – It’s on! [Please sponsor me!]

I have mentioned in my previous post that I was considering taking part in Shine 2011 which is a marathon or half-marathon walk in London during the night of October 1st. Well, I have just signed up for it. It is a 13.1miles walk and I am about as unfit as they come and will […]


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