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Job searching with social media – Day 1

For the past few months I have been looking for a new job, as well as working on updating my CV and all the other things that come with it. Up until yesterday I was unable to utilise social media … Continue reading

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Help me find a new job

I need a new job in the Reading, UK area. Preferrably looking for customer service or copywriting, but will take any full-time job. I am a native German speaker and my background includes: Copywriting Games QA and Compliance QA Games … Continue reading

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24 Season 5

Seeing I am practically stuck in bed with a knee injury at the moment I figured this was a good time as any to be watching 24, a show I can’t seem to watch over time. I have written about … Continue reading

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More Google+ woes

I changed my name on my Google+ profile the other day after being warned I would be unable to carry on using other Google services. The following message still greets me 48 hours later and makes me wonder what would … Continue reading

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Should the date of birth be on a CV/resume?

It’s about time to update my CV again and earlier today we had a discussion in the house whether a CV should contain the date of birth. I have always had it on there and I had never considered taking … Continue reading

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Google+ rant

I clicked over to Google+ this evening to be greeted with the following message: There’s a problem with your Google+ profile It appears that the name you entered does not comply with the Google+ Names Policy. The Names Policy requires … Continue reading

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CAE failure

I had this random dream the other day that I had attempted to take the CAE exams, but failed so spectacularly that I was laughed out of the exam room and, following the realisation I couldn’t speak English as well … Continue reading

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