Monthly Archives: October 2011

Ghana baskets

My mum used to have a range of baskets she used for shopping or to keep knitting in and I’ve been wanting something like it for the past years. Baskets seem to be a more common thing in Germany versus the UK as I only rarely see people use them in town and I don’t […]

Killing stormtroopers ain’t quite the same any more

A played a little bit of Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 last night following watching most of season 1 of the Clone Wars this weekend. The game is, just like the first one, quite a lot of fun, but I found myself not really wanting to kill stormtroopers at times. The Clone Wars gives […]

Not to self: Don’t colour your hair black again

I have always had a quite relaxed attitude to dying my hair and have always used permanent colours. Sort of along the lines of ‘what is the worst that can happen’. Since I’ve been 14 I have been: All shades of red. Blond [we won’t talk about that]. All shades of brown. Deep purple. Multicoloured […]

And my Google+ issues are still not resolved

I changed my name on my Google+ profile the other day after being warned I would be unable to carry on using other Google services. Two days after I had noticed my profile is still under review and it is now past the deadline: Your profile is being reviewed Your profile was flagged for violating the […]


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