De Quervain syndrome – ‘Knitter’s thumb’ update

I’ve mentioned my thumb/hand issues before here and here and today went back to my GP surgery to have it looked at as it’s now been a month and the pain is still ongoing restricting not only my knitting, but also other daily activities. For example getting dressed is proving to be an issue daily.

As it turns out I have ‘De Quervain syndrome‘ which is a fancy term for a form of tendinitis most commonly occurring with women. It most likely was not caused by knitting though which makes me happy[ish]:

The cause of de Quervain’s disease is not known. In medical terms, it remains idiopathic.

Some claim that this diagnosis should be included among overuse injuries and that repetitive movements of the thumb are a contributing factor, but there are no scientific data that support a link between hand use and de Quervain’s.

Basically looking at that Wikipedia article and elsewhere on the ‘nets it’s pretty much something that gets thrown around, but no one really knows what causes it and what actually makes it better. Not that it would actually make a difference as all the GP said was:

“Well, here’s this prescription gel which you shouldn’t take for more than a week and we’ll see how it goes in about a couple of weeks or so. Oh and if you’re feeling lots of discomfort [I do, this is after me telling her how even getting dressed hurts] do take Ibuprofen tablets, but they’ll probably give you stomach issues so you’ll have to see about that.”

I’m glad I’ve wasted this morning just to get annoyed and now officially worried about a situation I can’t change. I didn’t want to go to the GP this morning knowing exactly that they wouldn’t do anything about it. The only reason I made the appointment was at the insistence of two friends who don’t really seem to understand that I’d much rather be writhing in pain and complain about it then have the injustice and frustration with every GP appointment and also still complain about the pain and my following bad mood.

I have never in my life had a good GP, family doctor, dentist, specialist or anything. Being in the presence of doctors makes me angry based on all the previous experiences and nothing good ever comes from it, especially not earlier this year though that finally sorted itself. Instead I’m left with a hand that still hurts with a gel that doesn’t do much [and cost lots of money] and still angry at the appointment over twelve hours later.

I realise I have issues.

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