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Today I’m off to Venice for two days with a friend which was a rather sudden decision a week ago. We’re planning to: Go to a classical concert with an opera since which is booked for tonight. Go to the Santa Maria della Salute church. Go to the Scuola Grande di San Rocco. Go to […]

Boots Opticians trouble

A few months ago I started a blogpost about my displeasure of Boots Opticians which I never finished writing and subsequently never published. In April 2011 I got two pairs of glasses from Boots Opticians after my previous ones of over three years had broken. It was the first time I had used Boots Opticians […]

A scarf fit for a pilot

Yesterday evening one of my housemates made the oddest request. He wanted me to knit him a scarf for his figure to go on top his model aeroplane when he’ll fly it later this year. How could I possibly resist this? The scarf was another lengthways scarf with five rows knitted over 65 stitches. I […]

Easy Kiweasy!

Today I baked some kiwi muffins following [mostly] the Kiweasy recipe on the Abel & Cole website. Not only did I bake and cook for the second day in a row, but I also did something I mentioned in the previous post so it’s pretty much a double achievement! I modified the recipe by using […]

First Abel & Cole delivery! [@abelandcole]

Today was the first delivery of my Abel & Cole box. I had considered ordering a vegetable box for a while and Abel & Cole was always at the top of my list thanks to some of the great reviews by people on Twitter. After putting it off for far too long I finally decided […]


Earlier this evening an old tweet I had sent on the 9th of January via text message was published on Twitter: In Brussels with a full on cold. Incredibly unpleasant drivers, too. #Catisonacoach I can confirm that I am not currently on a coach and haven’t been since the 14th of January. Thanks to both […]

More on the Agatha Raisin series

I mentioned a few weeks ago: I wish I had never discovered the Agatha Raisin series as it is sure to bankrupt me over time! Since then I have made a resolution that I will only buy one book each calendar week to not only draw out the series, but also ensure my bank account […]

Jessica Daniel – Locked In & Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson [@kerrywk]

Locked in was the first book I downloaded a sample of before realising I liked the book enough to buy it. It was specifically this sentence within the first few pages: She had no texts, no missed calls and the only emails were ones offering her enhancements she definitely wouldn’t be needing without far more […]

Hot pink, emerald and gold lengthways scarf

I first started a scarf for my friend’s birthday all the way back in October when I opted for a patchworky looking pattern out of various knit and purl stitches over four rows with two different colours until I realised that the colours, whilst matching really well, were my favourite colours, not hers. Knowing that […]

A spur of the moment holiday!

I entirely blame my housemates for this. It all started early today afternoon when one of my housemates mentioned going on holiday and we then thought we should go on holidays together which led to two of us looking for cheap deals to Amsterdam, then Madeira, Marrakesh, Venice and other places in April. Come early […]

Children’s stories

I’ve had several separate conversations about books I read as a child over the past few days. One of them evolved around fairy tales, particularly the quite grim Grimm’s ones [see what I did there…?] and the other about Sherlock Holmes. If my memory is correct, which is always a caveat to add to most […]

Girly purchases

A couple of weeks ago my trusty hairdryer gave up and died most inconveniently on the morning of my trip to Germany. I’ve had my Remington Hair Envy since 2005 so I suppose it was inevitable. I have just ordered its replacement from Amazon based on the good reviews all around the internet – the […]

Is gaming a chore?

I’ve gotten out of gaming in the past and I’ve in the past often had periods during which I didn’t game though they were mostly down to not having a 360. I got Skyrim on the PC [well, my laptop] since the week of its release and have not played it at all this year. […]


I recently finished watching the final series of Medium. It’s a show I discovered years ago and, despite not really being convinced by its concept, stuck to. Mediums and premonitions aren’t really anything I give credit to. The show was great for its characters, particularly the DuBois family. Joe’s difficulty of dealing with his wife’s […]

Memories of the Future – Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton [@wilw]

I’ve been reading Wil Wheaton’s blog ever since first stumbling across it some time in 2007 and I’ve been following him on Twitter for as long as I can remember. I remember enjoying his behind the scenes posts about filming Star Trek and always planned to buy the book. Memories of the Future was one […]

Too many knitting projects!

I was hoping that once I’d finished my Christmas knitting I would have time for other things, namely the first jumper for myself, but I’m finding that I’m drowning in projects! There are a few projects I started months ago and they’re now wanting to be done, as well as other things on my mind. […]

Woll-Weber KG

Every time I visit my grandparent’s home town I stop by the only dedicated wool shop in town – Woll-Weber KG. It has 2.5 floors of all things wool from Knit Pro needles to sockwool to sections dedicated to fleece, as well as a whole floor just for discounted end-of-range wool with prices of 1 […]

Agatha Raisin series by M. C. Beaton

I wish I had never discovered the Agatha Raisin series as it is sure to bankrupt me over time! It sort of happened as I was browsing the Kindle store when I discovered the Agatha Raisin omnibus containing the first for books of the series which now spans more than 20 books. The books included […]


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