Agatha Raisin series by M. C. Beaton

I wish I had never discovered the Agatha Raisin series as it is sure to bankrupt me over time!

It sort of happened as I was browsing the Kindle store when I discovered the Agatha Raisin omnibus containing the first for books of the series which now spans more than 20 books.

The books included in the omnibus are:

  • Agatha Raisin and The Quiche of Death
  • Agatha Raisin and The Vicious Vet
  • Agatha Raisin and The Potted Gardener
  • Agatha Raisin and The Walkers of Dembley

Whilst they are effectively standalone books they do contain character development and follow Agatha as she moves from the busy city to a quiet life in the Cotswolds all whilst solving murders and making friends.

It’s very much Midsomer-Murders-esque with quaint village life, gardening competitions and women’s societies and I keep expecting John Nettles to make an appearance.

I think my favourite part about the series so far is the protagonist – Agatha. Outwards she is a strong woman coming from a demanding job running her own PR company, but really she has just as many shortcomings as everyone else which particularly comes through in her love for her neighbour and her panic with everything related to him.

The omnibus cost around £7, every future one at least £5. I don’t want to do the maths!

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