Woll-Weber KG

Every time I visit my grandparent’s home town I stop by the only dedicated wool shop in town – Woll-Weber KG.

It has 2.5 floors of all things wool from Knit Pro needles to sockwool to sections dedicated to fleece, as well as a whole floor just for discounted end-of-range wool with prices of 1 Euro for most skeins.

It’s the shop responsible for starting my collection of Knit Pro wooden needles which, as it seemingly turns out, are turning into my favourite needles and I made sure to pick up a few more last week.

Even though I constantly think my knitting isn’t as good as I want it to be, I still feel that I am learning more about it in general. For example most of my knitted items are 100% acrylic as I like the touch, find it easier to knit with and want to be able to stick it into the washing machine without having to worry. If they don’t contain 100% it is at least the majority in the mix.

As such my recent visit to Woll-Weber KG was a little disappointing as I realised that most of the wool on offer is indeed 100% wool and I had to hunt to find wool made of acrylic for my latest project.

Reading only has one dedicated wool shop out in Tilehurst which I really ought to visit one day!

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