Memories of the Future – Volume 1 by Wil Wheaton [@wilw]

I’ve been reading Wil Wheaton’s blog ever since first stumbling across it some time in 2007 and I’ve been following him on Twitter for as long as I can remember. I remember enjoying his behind the scenes posts about filming Star Trek and always planned to buy the book.

Memories of the Future was one of the first books I bought on the Kindle and the fourth book I’ve finished on the Kindle.

For most of the book I was disappointed and then disappointed in being disappointed. It felt like he was pandering to the audience’s hatred of his character on practically every page and whilst he pointed out obvious plot flaws, such as a doctor’s kid suddenly being given an important mission, I wish there could have been more on the episodes. Anything than the constant reminder on how it’s the cool thing to hate the character would have been good.

I also didn’t find his writing to be of his usual standard until quite late in the book when it got towards the final episodes of the first season.

This is where the episode, which had been flirting with a left turn at Albuquerque for the last fifteen minutes, sets a course for planet Shark and warps right over it.

Looking back at my Amazon activity I realise I shared quite a few passages which I remember made me laugh out loud, but there were too few, especially at the beginning.

It’s a fun book, but I am overall a little bit disappointed as I have seen much better writing from him in basic blog or tumblr posts and I’ll think twice about purchasing the sequel or any of his other books at full price. Or maybe I just had too high expectations?

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