More on the Agatha Raisin series

I mentioned a few weeks ago:

I wish I had never discovered the Agatha Raisin series as it is sure to bankrupt me over time!

Since then I have made a resolution that I will only buy one book each calendar week to not only draw out the series, but also ensure my bank account doesn’t hate me too much. Last week I read ‘Agatha Raisin and the Murderous Marriage‘ fairly early on in the week and was tempted to buy the next one as early as Thursday. I managed to not only resist, but also forget all about it until remembering just now!

The murderous marriage was a good book, but it wasn’t fantastic. For most of it it changed the dynamic between Agatha and the other characters a bit too much and the overall murder and plot was completely crazy. It did, however, have this quote which made me laugh a lot:

The rendering of ‘Don’t Cry for Me, Argentina’ was, Agatha reflected sourly, music to stun pigs by.

This week’s book is ‘Agatha Raisin and the Terrible Tourist‘ which some Amazon reviews have called the worst book in the series and which I am now looking forward to reading in bed.

Only five days until I can buy the next one!

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