Earlier this evening an old tweet I had sent on the 9th of January via text message was published on Twitter:

In Brussels with a full on cold. Incredibly unpleasant drivers, too. #Catisonacoach

I can confirm that I am not currently on a coach and haven’t been since the 14th of January. Thanks to both of the journeys I am also not planning on any coach trips within the foreseeable future, particularly not ones that involve the use of foreign coach companies. More on that another time.

I think the last two coach trips have somewhat scarred me as I’ve had two coach related nightmares in the past two days.

One of them involved me being stuck on a coach for three days until mutiny. Why this took three days I’m not sure and I also don’t remember why I was on the coach or where I was going to.

The second one was more vivid though and whilst I don’t remember the dream so much now I do recall bits with the help of the notes I wrote down as soon as I woke up:

  • Coach travel.
  • Several days break somewhere for some reason.
  • Handbag stolen.
  • XXX helps me retrieve it.
  • Then tells me to go for my real love.
  • He gives me the number for that person.
  • Hollywood happy ending with music.

XXX is a person I know, he is someone I went to school with back home in Germany. I haven’t seen him since 2001 and, apart from having him on my friends list on a German Facebook clone some years ago, have had no contact. In fact there wasn’t really any contact then either; he added me and I accepted the friends request. Whilst he went on to move towns and become somewhat successful in a certain sports discipline in his local area, I haven’t come across him in any news or seen him on Facebook or anywhere.

It truly puzzles me why he appeared in my dream in a manner very unlike how I remember him. In the dream he was a supportive person with local knowledge and able to help me. In a sense he reminded me of Jonathan in the Buffy episode where he made himself famous though he was never anything like Jonathan.

All in all it was one of the strangest dreams in my life and very much unlike previous dreams. And who is my real love? The person representing my allegedly real love in the dream wasn’t anyone I’ve ever met.

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