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This is what happens if The Doctor and Giacomo Casanova were to meet in Venice.

I love the random interaction on some social networks, especially on tumblr with its many single purpose blogs. It seems like it’s almost every week that a new Clients from Hell or texts from whoever appears. Two random SPTB that follow me for some reason on tumblr are Giacomo Casanova: Ciao! I am Giacomo Casanova, […]

Sleeping and other issues

The last couple of weeks have been a bit weird. First I suffered with headaches thanks to my finally resolved glasses situation with Boots Opticians and now I’m trying to function after only getting eight hours sleep in total since Saturday morning. Whilst my insomnia or very occasional somnolence have been with me for years, […]

More issues with Boots Opticians

My problems with Boots Opticians are still not over. Was notified that the glasses had come in this morning and they ended up being the wrong ones. Even worse, none of the notes of my complaint were on the system. In order to make things easier for everyone when I will go back to speak to a […]

The many mistakes of Kim Bauer

I’ve been watching a fair bit of 24 lately; first rewatching season 2-4 and then watching the remaining seasons for the first time. Generally I mostly like 24, but there are many things that annoy me about it some of which I’ve already mentioned in a previous post in 2009. Some other things include government […]

Timetravel in TV shows

Timetravelling in TV shows is always a precarious thing as it has to be done with the existing universe in mind and can’t rewrite previous episodes. Lost is something that managed to do it well, even though it seems incredibly confusing during the first watch. Now that Lost is finished I only have a couple […]

The London Symphony Orchestra at The Hexagon [@londonsymphony & @TheHexagon]

Tonight I went to see a concert by the London Symphony Orchestra in the Hexagon in Reading which marks the first time I’ve been inside the Hexagon, despite having lived in Reading for over ten years. I’ve realised over the past year that I quite enjoy seeing classical concerts, such as the Oxford Philomusica and a […]

Hairdryer review

A couple of weeks ago I bought a new hairdryer after my previous one broke. This coupled with the purchase of shampoo, conditioner and serum recommended to me by the salon I had my haircut the same week and it’s safe to say that my life has been transformed or, in a less melodramatic way, […]

New discovery: I don’t like fennel

Tonight I have realised that I don’t like fennel. Well, I do like it in some form, for example the Messmer tea, but I don’t think I will choose it as vegetable again. It’s all part of the experience of having a vegetable box with random contents delivered to my house which can turn out […]

Venice inspired weekend

I’ve still not blogged about this week’s Venice trip which is mainly due to my pictures being worse than I expected. I’ve tried looking through them and editing the ones I’ve got to make them bearable, but about 3/4s of them just aren’t all that. The ones I have started posting can be found over […]

La Fenice

For the past couple of days I’ve been reading Donna Leon’s ‘Death at La Fenice’ which is the first of her Commisario Brunetti books. Whilst I’ve read them before many years ago I don’t really remember them too well and am yet again wondering who the murderer could be. It really helps with the immersion […]

Roasted savoy cabbage

Tonight I cooked roasted savoy cabbage with mashed potatoes and carrots loosely following the Abel & Cole recipe. With hindsight I should have probably followed it closer rather than just seeing what happens, but it turned out lovely. I used: A whole savoy cabbage though the one I had was kind of small. Half of […]

The snood

I went to Venice and I bought a snood. Sure, lots of other great things happened, too, but the snood has changed things. I had been looking at knitting one before, but never really saw the point in them until it was almost too cold to bear it. The one I bought from a random […]

In prison

Yesterday I went to prison or rather a former prison. I was in the Palazzo delle Prigioni in Venice to see a concert. It included opera performances from Rossini, Chopin and others and, particularly with the setting, was beautiful. Venice, however, is very, very cold.


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