Gaming weekend

As I am on my way to work after a four-day blissful Easter weekend I’m torn between the guilt of not doing anything constructive that I planned and remembering the fun I had playing games for most of my waking hours.

On Friday I spent close to 12 hours playing LA Noire, most of this with a housemate of mine. Turns out we found the perfect equilibrium – he does most of the driving whilst I investigate with both of us deciding whether suspects are telling the truth. Having put in about 20 hours into the game in total I’m really appreciating its pacing and the story and setting are convincing.

Saturday saw me completing Mass Effect 2 again. I finally completed it a couple of weeks ago, but didn’t manage to save everyone I wanted in the final mission and, knowing I yet again wanted the ‘perfect save’ for Mass Effect 3, I spent a good two hours replaying the end until everyone survived. It only took four attempts.

The rest of the weekend went entirely on Mass Effect 3. My single player save game tells me I’ve put in 23 hours and I’m estimating another maybe six on the multiplayer which is far more enjoyable than I expected it to be, not to mention challenging if the other players don’t play it properly or just run off.

Mass Effect 3 so far is every bit the game I expected it to be – the missions are varied and the story carries on well. It already makes me sad that this is the final instalment of the series. Just like the second game I am in awe seeing how the decisions of my previous games are shaping this one. Whether it is a main character referring to former events or characters, such as the Shadow Broker agent reappearing.

Its inevitable downsides are that sometimes it lays on a bit too much trying to bring every character in, such as the Fan’s appearance again. Whilst his appearance was plausible, his avoided death with the sudden appearance from Jenna wasn’t. I am also not too happy that my character’s facial information didn’t get imported properly and I’m now finding myself saving the galaxy with someone who doesn’t look like the person I’ve spent over 200 hours with.

I can’t wait to find out what happens at the end!

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