“This is my opening negotiating position” – L.A. Noire review

I recently completed L.A. Noire. The game had been on my radar since it was first announced, but a lack of console and/or time made that difficult up until recently.

The game starts off really well. All the initial cases are well done and feature just as much slick yet tawdriness as to be expected from the noir crime genre. Cases, such as ‘The Silk Stocking Murder‘ or the hinting at a serial killer, as well as a cryptic trip around the well designed town create a fantastic atmosphere whilst guest stars, such as Greg Grunenberg, bring characters alive, even though most others still seem wooden.

“That arm of yours appears to be letting in daylight.”

However, at the half way mark the cases became too boring which meant it was nearly impossible to ignore the wooden characters, the lacklustre overall story and the annoying and quite boring constant flashbacks to the war. The main character went from being boring to not making sense, such as in his pursuit of the nightclub singer and any partner after Rusty seemed incredibly clichéd and badly written whilst digging around yet another burnt down building became old quick.

The finale was another letdown with the last two missions requiring far too much shooting, as if the writers had no idea on how to wrap up the game. The ending itself seemed tacked on and unresolved without being as tragic as it was probably intended though it could have just been because I stopped caring by that point.

I thoroughly enjoyed the first half of the game and the slow yet fun gameplay, but I wish I hadn’t played beyond the first half of the vice cases as it ruined the game.


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