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Fable III

Completed the main story of Fable III today and didn’t hate the ending unlike the last three major games I completed – Mass Effect 3, LA Noire & Red Dead Redemption [though I technically haven’t yet completed that one as I know the ending and it put me off]. Fable III was a good ending […]

28/100 best games

Randomly came across one of those ubiquitous ‘Top 100 Best Games‘ lists earlier and ended up surprised at the number of games I’ve actually played. Having primarily owned the Xbox and the 360 and not played too many classics I always find I’m lacking a lot of essential games. Played games: 28 Completed games: 10 […]

Excuse me, Miss

Waiting at the bus stop after a long day when this guy in his early twenties who had already been waiting there asked me the strangest question I had heard for half an hour* and the following conversation ensued: “Excuse me, Miss, this is going to sound like a weird question, but do you happen […]

Blogpost procrastination

I got on track with my level of organisation and then it slipped again. I’ve noticed that particularly the past three weeks I’ve been playing catch up every day. I can’t find things I know I’ve bought and many of the systems I’ve put in place seem to not be working any more. One reason […]

To course or not to course

Whilst the reason I first moved back to the UK in 2003 was to do a one year humanities Access to Higher Education course, I never really considered studying. Sure, I had some ideas and for a while played around with maybe doing a languages degree or something like international studies yet I knew that […]

Writing blogposts and taking pictures

At the beginning of the year I had this idea of writing a blogpost every day this year. I didn’t mention this publicly or make a big deal out of it as I was doing it to see if I could challenge myself without having too much pressure from others. After all, my previous three […]


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