To course or not to course

Whilst the reason I first moved back to the UK in 2003 was to do a one year humanities Access to Higher Education course, I never really considered studying. Sure, I had some ideas and for a while played around with maybe doing a languages degree or something like international studies yet I knew that I didn’t enjoy school and have too much of a fear of failure and probably hard work to actually be able to pull it off. When the course was ultimately cancelled in its first month I wasn’t too unhappy as I had already found a job before it started and ended up going in full-time employment. I did attempt an Open University course at one point, but realised quite quickly I couldn’t deal well with the structure.

Since then all my jobs or, to use the fancy word ‘career’, has relied on either experience or being at the right place at the right time. I’ve worked in the games industry, in gastronomy and did a lot of freelance work with customer support and community management before landing in SEO copywriting and now marketing. Even though those seem like quite drastic changes there is a clear line and pattern in my employment history, such as games testing leading to testing management and an interest in gaming which led to freelance writing about games and community management which in turn led to copywriting and eventually all those skills to marketing.

Up until this past week I hadn’t considered undertaking any kind of course, however, recently I have spent quite a significant amount of time helping a friend study for a short evening course they were doing. This involved helping with the assignments, as well as preparing practical work. Feeling fairly knowledgeable about the subject matter now than I did in January I am considering using the wealth of information gained by taking the course myself. I would still have to study and write the assignments myself and attend the sessions, but after having been there every step of the way with my friend I feel confident I would be able to do it without too much of an issue. I suppose I’ve sort of been trialling it.

The major downside asides from obviously pay for the course is that it has no evident benefits for me or rather the line of work I am in now or ever have been in. It is also unlikely that I will find myself in a situation where I can use the skills learned from the course in my professional or even private life. Part of me thinks that perhaps I should just do it to add yet another eclectic part to my CV or to give me a sense of achievement, but my current job might just be something I can see myself at in five years time though it is still a bit too early to tell in which case time would have devalued it too much anyway.

And of course I am not even sure I would actually be able to pull off academic essay writing, despite having edited my friend’s assignments.

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