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Kite flying

Bought a kite this week totally on a whim. Well, not so much a whim; it was more that I’ve actually waited about a year before buying one. I spent most of today obsessively checking the online parcel tracking until it was delivered and immediately built it together when I got home. Flying itself, well, […]


About a month and a half ago I was going to sit down and write a blogpost about my life, for once, working out well. Something along the lines of my continued negativity with regards to illnesses, personal setbacks and so on. I ended up being too busy [in a good way] to do so. […]

Back support

A couple of weeks ago I ordered some mesh back support for my work chair from Amazon. I bought it for £3.30 with free delivery though it’s now reduced to £3.12 – bargain. I figured that even if it didn’t work, I wouldn’t have spent much money on it. It finally arrived last Monday and […]


As part of @satscenes self portrait week I took the above picture yesterday. I originally bought the wig to wear it at the three Race for Life events I am volunteering at this year, but last weekend’s Windsor Race for Life event was far too windy for it. It’s quite pink and I like how […]

Ferris wheels!

I took the above picture on Saturday after realising I’d have to wait twenty minutes for the next train and figured I’d so some sightseeing with the least amount of effort as I was incredibly tired from the Race for Life. It was a much more impressive ferris wheel than the one I went up […]

Race for Life 2012 – Windsor

This is my third year volunteering for Race for Life and this year I’m volunteering at three events: Windsor, Oxford and Reading. Originally I had planned for it to just be Reading again, but, after finding out that the events manager from the past two years wouldn’t be doing it this year, I decided to […]

Lactose intolerance

Some of my favourite foods have always been dairy ones. If it was possible to survive just on yoghurt, I probably would do it. Whilst drinking milk and eating cheese. It pains me to think that I might be lactose intolerant. Last night I had another round of backpain and nausea which is just like […]


I have never managed to budget money. Once or twice I have attempted to set up a system, but always felt that I didn’t really know how to put it in place or make it fit me. Over the past month I have asked a handful of people on how they budget and it turns […]

Random cover letter related musing

A few weeks ago, in a casual conversation with colleagues, I was told that one of the reasons I was considered for the role was the cover letter accompanying my application. Sadly it is probably the only application I didn’t have a copy sent to myself so I will probably never know exactly what I […]

Why I am opposing the Concessionary Fares Scheme Review in Reading [#rdg]

I use public transport a lot. I commute to and from work, I use it to reach recreational activities and it allows me to reach friends to socialise. In Reading I pay £1.80 for a single bus journey or double that if a journey involves more than one bus. For the past years I have […]


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