RIP Andy Griffith

When I was just a little girl I used to love watching TV with my mum in the afternoons. Shows like ‘Murder, She Wrote‘, ‘MacGyver‘, ‘Diagnosis: Murder‘ and, one of my mum’s favourites, ‘Matlock‘. I remember quite a lot of the things from that time, such as having first explained the concept of standard intro music for TV shows explained to me, as well as all the things I’ve learned that can be improved with duct tape.

Matlock features quite heavily in those memories along with remembering my mum sitting on the sofa with the latest thing she was knitting, even though I don’t always really remember what she was knitting. I’m not sure what she was knitting all that time, there always seemed to be a project on the go, but I only ever had maybe four jumpers and there weren’t any socks or scarves she knitted me. I used to love the jumpers and their smell when she had just finished them, as they always smell of her.

I hadn’t thought of any of this for years until I read earlier that Andy Griffith, the star in Matlock, died today.

RIP Andy Griffith.

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