Olympic torch!

Went to see the Olympic torch through Reading this week as a colleague was taking part in it and because it is a chance in a lifetime.

I think it was probably my parents trying to shield me disappointment early on in life, but I was brought up for the most part with the mantra that winning isn’t everything, it’s the taking part and being there that matters. This wasn’t just in reference to the Olympics, but with everything in life, for example when I was put forward for a regional [national?] reading competition by my teacher and had to read out text aloud in front of strangers which was terrifying and I didn’t do very well. I am glad I did it and took part as I had the experience from it despite not winning.

As an aside, what the hell is the point in having a competition where children or teenagers have to compete against each other by reading aloud pages of set text?! I never really understood it, but at least it got me out of school for a few lessons which was fantastic.

Back to the torch, I loved it, even though I didn’t feel like going. The day seems to have dragged on and I was tired, but of course I am thankful I went. It was lovely seeing so many people in Reading come together for the event and cheering all the runners on. And, later on in the week, I actually got to hold the torch, too! Wooohoo!

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