Monthly Archives: August 2012

“It is *because* I love you that I don’t let you do whatever you want.”

Had a conversation with a friend about children earlier which somehow brought back a memory from my childhood. During my second year of primary school – I would have been around seven or eight years old – my mum decided she could no longer stand having to nag me every single morning to get out […]

Cat on Google Streetview

A conversation with colleagues the other day about Google Streetview then led to and I remembered that time I saw a Google Streetview car go by. It was some time in August 2008 in Uxbridge outside the house I lived at the time and I was just waiting for a taxi to work. It’s […]

Telikos Protocol

Quite some time ago a friend of mine mentioned writing a comic series and produced a prelude edition for it of which I have a signed copy. Some time later he has a Kickstarter project for it! It’s got the honour of being the first Kickstarter project I’ve backed. I’m immensely proud of @peterbcooper and […]

Unsolicited marketing emails can be funny

This is following about six previous emails outlining their services. I love the style of this email with it’s approachability whilst at the same time not even addressing me by my name and just keeping it as a blank field. Hey , My guess is that we’re out of touch for one of four reasons: […]


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