Crochet time card holder

Work have recently introduced a new swipe card time system and, seeing I always seemed to forget where my card was, I decided to crochet one.

Starting with the string I crochet two rows lengthways before crocheting a holder around the card, crocheting the sides together and attaching the string. The downside is that the card is now crochet into the holder and I’m hoping it won’t break as I will have to undo one side to get it out again!

It is the first time that I’ve been doing any knitting or crocheting since working on the doodleblanket in March. I blame work entirely for my lack of time. That and the fact it was summer and far too hot to be working on a blanket that is too big and heavy to not be covering my legs whilst working on it, of course.

Additionally there is the De Quervain syndrome I had last year. Ever since then my thumb has been playing up – on some days I can barely move it when I’ve been typing on an unresponsive keyboard – and I am terrified of returning to that stage where I can’t do anything with it so my instincts tell me to reject all knitting or crocheting in the meantime with ‘the meantime’ seemingly being an unending time frame.

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11 Responses to Crochet time card holder

  1. fakeid says:

    Cat is a total scum. Will keep posting until something is done


  2. Cat says:

    Pathetic. Go and troll somewhere else.

    How about you make your own blog and bitch as much as you’d like. My PERSONAL blog is hardly the place:


  3. fakeid says:

    then maybe you need to realise that your blogs invade other people’s lives too.


  4. veg lover says:

    haha we can post what we want on the net cant we. My comment on the fruit and veg site made it through though


  5. veg lover says:

    veg lover I am :-))


  6. Cat says:

    You’re aware that I can see you’re the same person, right?

    I don’t understand that you don’t have anything better to do?


  7. veg lover says:

    thats right, i dont have anything better to do. I like to ruin people’s lives hence why Its so easy to make up different names and email address from various computers. Nothing is checked.


  8. Cat says:


    Well, it’s been fun. Have a good evening.


  9. ingridf says:

    Veg Lover/Fakeid: You’ve made me quite sleepy. Thank you.

    Not quite sure where you get all this extra time from though. Perhaps there are some children in a school yard you can harass. Or maybe you can get a job as a telemarketer and harass other people in their personal time/space.


  10. emilee says:

    I made most of the comments on your vegetable box deliveries blog, was so much fun!!! Onto next one now


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