Monthly Archives: December 2012

Books I’ve read in 2012

The lovely Joe bought me a Kindle and I’d rediscovered my love for reading. I don’t whether it is because it’s so easy to pick up a book for just a few minutes at a time or perhaps the instant gratification of reading a purchased book within a minute on my Kindle, but since January I […]

Twitter archive

Twitter have released a new feature allowing everyone [gradual rollout] to download their entire Twitter archive. I’m not going to lie – I am incredibly excited about it and have literally been waiting for years for this, especially as most third-party services were only able to pull a few thousand tweets which, for someone with […]

Terrified by my own Sky+ box

I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks with work or spending weekends away at friend’s or going to weddings. In the meantime all the recorded series’ links have continued recording and I only have 13% left of what I believe is a 1TB hard drive. Most of them also have more than one episode […]


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