Google Reader replacement

As always I am leaving things to the last minute. I have less than two weeks left to find a Google Reader replacement, despite knowing I would have only until July. I suppose a large part of me was hoping that Google would reverse their decision, but it’s not looking likely.

I think the difficulty is that the way I read feeds is a bit different to most – I read on three different devices which is the mobile web on my phone, the app on my Nexus10 and within the browser which can be Chrome or something else. My phone, due to an issue, can’t be upgraded beyond 2.1 so most Droid apps aren’t available. Plus most apps wouldn’t let me have the small font I like and it’s mostly taken up by white space or other fancy stuff. I would say I use each of the three methods equally.

Additionally I don’t care about trends in feeds. I have my subscriptions because I like to read them or at least want to know if there’s new content and couldn’t care less if a hundred people or people in my circles have recommended something. That’s what Twitter and Facebook are for. I also have my now 321 subscriptions in folders and have over 2000 unread feeds per day which sort of get read in an order with some folders generally marked as read or just glanced at.

All of the above makes finding a replacement more difficult thank it should be. The Feedly app comes highly recommended, but doesn’t have a mobile site and doesn’t work on my phone. The Old Reader is slow. Nevibes is confusing.

I hate change.

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3 Responses to Google Reader replacement

  1. I thought I had it bad with my phone not getting android 4.0, jeez.


  2. Cat says:

    Don’t get me wrong, I love my Galaxy S1, but the known issue of some being unable to update beyond 2.1 – not great!


  3. Mike_D says:

    Yeah, changes sucks :(
    After the closure of Google Reader I first tried Fliboard, but then I realized that I do not have time to read all of my RSS subscriptions. But unsubscribe from all of them I can’t, because there is important news. So I settled on two readers – or


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