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I’m a late twenties German woman living in Reading, UK having previously lived in Germany, Spain, various towns in the UK and, well, Reading. Once you move to Reading you never get away! This is still predominantly my personal blog or rather a space on the internet where I post which has become more censored over time.

I describe myself as a nomad, both digitally and in real life in the sense that I tend to move around a lot. I have several interests from gaming to knitting to reading to films to TV shows to photography and more yet not always at the same time and not necessarily for the same reasons as some other people.

  • I play games for their stories and adore BioWare, yet couldn’t care less about beating the latest boss, even though I’ve completed Ninja Gaiden on hard difficulty.
  • I knit, because I want to have something to occupy my hands whilst doing other stuff and I like to see a finished result versus trying out the latest knitting patterns, even though I’ve tried several before.
  • I read, because I like to lose myself in a story and fight against the odds or solve a crime and not necessarily because of the prose of the writing.
  • I watch films, because I enjoy the dialogue, plot, actors or 80’s/90’s action and B-movies, not because I want to see current action films or art films, even though I’ve enjoyed some in the past.
  • I watch a lot of TV shows, no excuses here! And I’m suffering Lost Withdrawal Symptoms.
  • I love taking photos, but I don’t have a decent camera nor care much about setting a scene. It’s merely something to capture little things in my daily life.
  • I move a lot which really doesn’t get any more fun no matter how hard I try!

Being a nomad has its advantages and disadvantages and a part of this personal blog is about coping with trying to get settled, as well as other things like trying to cope with issues.

Updates can be very irregular at times and the only places I can be found at on a daily basis are Twitter and cat on tumblr. More or less frequently I can also be found on these sites on the internet.


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Any of the views expressed in this blog are obviously entirely my own and not one of my employers.


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