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“Some video games are for kids. Some aren’t.”

The state of Delaware is starting a new campaign in association with the ESRB with advertisements, such as this one, all over the place. It’s to educate parents to understand the rating system for games better and to ensure that … Continue reading

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November ’07 digest Part 1

Just incase you have missed it, this is what I’ve been blogging about in the first two weeks in November: In Gaming: Assassin’s Creed finally [?] out this week The wait is over and the game is finally out. Mass … Continue reading

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Couple of things

All of these have been sitting on my desktop for weeks and don’t really warrant an extra post: Gee, thanks for telling me I should stop spam! Via Halolcats. More one for the Halo fans! ;) I wish I remembered … Continue reading

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Idk, my bff Rose.

Remember ‘Idk, my bff Jill’? This is the continuation, obviously the family still hasn’t learned a bit and switched their calls to Cingular. This was kindly linked to me by Matt. Thanks. I had to watch the clip several times … Continue reading

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Txt spk advert

Remember my rant on txt spk and how the vowels need to be saved? Well, there is an advert which is all about txt spk. [Thanks Matt] Is this what we want the world to be like? Full of kids … Continue reading

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Fancy some tuna?

And another Thai advert, this time it’s all about tuna and how appearances can be deceiving. Cat

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Why you should always pay your bills

I’ve been coming across quite a few of these Thai adverts and they are very funny. This one shows you just why you should always pay your bills! Pure genius! :D Cat

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