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Does a Google Doodle warrant a news story? [Spoiler alert: No]

Google Doodle or, what Wikipedia calls, “arty version of the Google logo” has been around for a while marking important events or anniversaries all newsworthy in themselves. A few weeks ago, whilst googling [ha!] a Google Doodle I came across the Mirror and its reporting on said Google Doodle making the story to be only newsworthy, […]

Raoul Moat and the state of the media and government

. The 2010 Northumbria Police manhunt was a major police operation in North East England in which armed police officers under the command of the Northumbria Police force attempted to apprehend Raoul Moat, a 37-year-old man from Newcastle upon Tyne who had recently been released from Durham Prison. Moat, armed with a sawn-off shotgun, was […]

Thoughts on the press in Winnenden

First of all I’d like to make clear that I am very sorry for anyone involved in the horrific attacs, including the students, their families and friends, the emergency personnel and the parents of the attacker Tim K. It’s shocking that this has happened and it shouldn’t have. Also, this post isn’t really very contstructed, […]


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