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Does a Google Doodle warrant a news story? [Spoiler alert: No]

Google Doodle or, what Wikipedia calls, “arty version of the Google logo” has been around for a while marking important events or anniversaries all newsworthy in themselves. A few weeks ago, whilst googling [ha!] a Google Doodle I came across the … Continue reading

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Raoul Moat and the state of the media and government

. The 2010 Northumbria Police manhunt was a major police operation in North East England in which armed police officers under the command of the Northumbria Police force attempted to apprehend Raoul Moat, a 37-year-old man from Newcastle upon Tyne … Continue reading

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Thoughts on the press in Winnenden

First of all I’d like to make clear that I am very sorry for anyone involved in the horrific attacs, including the students, their families and friends, the emergency personnel and the parents of the attacker Tim K. It’s shocking … Continue reading

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