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Phrases most commonly used on ‘The Apprentice UK’

“At the end of the day.” This phrase is used at least ten times each episode by various candidates. This number increases as the series goes along. It normally means that the candidate is about to repeat what they have already said plenty of times during the episode to make themselves look good in front […]

Sites that I visit on a daily basis

Lately I have been looking at changing my online experience and more so consolidating more things into fewer sites which really just makes it sound like I’m talking about a loan on daytime TV! In order to look at where I spend my time online I’ve monitored my online activity over a week with Google’s […]

TV shows watched recently

I’ve been watching some more TV shows lately and there was some great stuff amongst it, as well as some stuff that disappointed me. I’ve mentioned some of the shows the other week in a similar post. Angel: Being such a big Buffy fan I never really could get into Angel. I suppose it was […]

TV shows I’ve watched recently

This started from a thread on a forum and got a bit long, so I thought I’d stick it on here as well! TV shows I have been watching in the last year: 24 – Watched S! and S2 so far. S1 annoyed me lots, like characters get introduced and are only in it for […]

I’m not having a good day.

Sometimes I do wonder if I’m just too cynical or the world just becomes a worse place to live. Gillian Gibbons has been released early and handed over to British officials in Sudan after being jailed for letting her class name a teddy bear Muhammad. I know I’m pretty much on my own with this […]

November ‘07 digest Part 2

Just incase you have missed it, this is what I’ve been blogging about in the last two weeks in November: In Gaming: Mass Effect – Thoughts after the first completion People always seem to deal in extremes, best and worst. Mass Effect – First impressions Mass Effect is a game I’ve been wanting to play […]

TV online

Considering I was ill for quite a while now I was unable to sort out some things in the house. One of those things was buying a simple cable from the wall socket to the TV. Really simple, right? However, nearing two months later and the only thing I can use my TV for is […]


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