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Happy Nikolaus 2008!

This is pretty much the perfect time to get a blog post in as I can’t just ignore my tradition of the last years by not posting something today. Last year’s post and the post from 2006 are still on the internet, the others long since deleted with my previous attempts to blog. I’m finding […]

Why take Christmas decorations down?

Around Christmas time, or mostly the months before already, many towns attempt to make their town more Christmas looking and trying to pass along the Christmas spirit to spend more money. Ever wondered what happens to those decorations the rest of the year? Seen in Reading, UK in April..

Merry Christmas from Family Guy!

I’ve been sent the link by Stew (SubDivid3r, it’s also his birthday today!). Cat

Merry Christmas to everyone!

Merry Christmas to you all! :D Cat

Early Christmas present? Or not….

My housemate received a warning of pending court proceedings for speeding today. Turns out he was going 35 mph in a 30mph zone. Speeding at 35mph? Seriously, what is this world coming to? ;) Cat

Christmas shopping

Went Christmas shopping with my friend Kizzi today and I hope everyone else has already done theirs. There is so much going on in town it is unbelievable. Every single shop had queues of around 10-15 people and everyone seemed to be in town today. We managed to get most of what we needed/wanted though. […]

Christmas story

I don’t know if anyone else has this as well, but there are some things which are so familiar that they just make you feel happy, I suppose. One of those things for me is the Christmas gospel according to Luke, chapter 2. It has to be the German translation from Martin Luther though which […]

Christmas is definitely near now!

Anyone had a look at my gamercard? It’s got christmas lights now! I really am impressed how quick time flies by. Christmas day is in a week. And I am still not sure what present to get for my best friend. :( Why does it have to be so commercialised? Cat

Happy 3. Advent!

Better late than never. I wish you all a very happy 3. Advent. I hope you all lit the 3rd candle. :) And its only one week left until christmas eve! Cat

The internet is slow….

Some of you may know of my internet problems. After all I’ve not just mentioned it once, but twice before. Well, it’s not as simple as it seemed to be.The reason my internet was so slow was because our connection was capped as we had exceeded the monthly peak time download allowance which is 20GB. […]

Don’t shoot your eye out!

This is a very random video I came accross the other day, but still brilliant. Remember kids, be careful with your christmas presents and don’t shoot your eye out. ;) Cat

Happy 2. Advent!

Today is the 2. Advent. Don’t forget to light the 2. candle. ;) Cat

Happy St Nikolaus!

St Nikolaus, just like Advent, is a more continental European tradition that is especially celebrated by children. Saint Nicholas (“Victory of the people”) is the common name for Saint Nicholas of Myra, who had a reputation for secret gift-giving. The day before Nikolastag (the night of December 5) children put a boot, called Nikolaus-Stiefel, outside […]

Happy 1. Advent!

So the time of year is coming up to Christmas, everyone realises they haven’t bought any presents yet and now we have Advent to remind us. Now I know that this isn’t really celebrated or known in the UK, so let me explain a little bit about this fairly nice tradition. Advent is the time […]

After the storm

So XL is now well and truly over and I’m still catching up with sleep. I wonder how much longer that will go on for. So, now it’s time to look into the future. I have a job interview next week which should be good (hopefully) and that also means that I can look a […]

Christmas is near?

Well, it seems to be fairly near. I have people constantly asking me what I want for Christmas (I don’t know!), everyone seems to be all set on what they do and today I received the first (fair enough auto generated) ‘Happy holidays’ email. It’s still 1 1/2 months away… What do they expect? The […]


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