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Yet another post on my Christmas knitting

I’m happy to report that the Christmas knitting which looked so intimidating just a couple of days ago is now much more manageable. I completed and by now even gift-wrapped two major projects that have taken up a lot of my time of the past months and I can’t wait for Christmas purely so I […]

A tree in a tree!

Took a break from Christmas knitting the other day and attempted a couple of Christmas decorations with dubious results. I made a star of which we won’t speak of again and a Christmas tree based on this pattern. I’m not very happy with the tree though crocheting a gold border around it gave it some […]

Christmas presents

I’m starting to feel the pressure with all the Christmas knitting I planned to do. Originally I thought I had done it all well – I started before the end of October and I laid out exactly what I was going to knit for everyone and got the wool ahead of time. And then it […]


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