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Went to see Brave today which actually turned out to be a good film. It was quite predictable, but had some lovely touches, even though the brothers of the princess were rather scary, especially in their other form. It also brought back the urge to play Fable and especially Skyrim again. Mostly though it made […]

Fable III

Completed the main story of Fable III today and didn’t hate the ending unlike the last three major games I completed – Mass Effect 3, LA Noire & Red Dead Redemption [though I technically haven’t yet completed that one as I know the ending and it put me off]. Fable III was a good ending […]

28/100 best games

Randomly came across one of those ubiquitous ‘Top 100 Best Games‘ lists earlier and ended up surprised at the number of games I’ve actually played. Having primarily owned the Xbox and the 360 and not played too many classics I always find I’m lacking a lot of essential games. Played games: 28 Completed games: 10 […]

To course or not to course

Whilst the reason I first moved back to the UK in 2003 was to do a one year humanities Access to Higher Education course, I never really considered studying. Sure, I had some ideas and for a while played around with maybe doing a languages degree or something like international studies yet I knew that […]

Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 completed

I recently completed Mass Effect 2 and then straightaway played Mass Effect 3. In fact, Mass Effect 3 and my worry about being unable to avoid spoilers for any longer were the reasons I decided to buy a new 360 back in February and I am still surprised I managed to avoid spoilers for this […]

“This is my opening negotiating position” – L.A. Noire review

I recently completed L.A. Noire. The game had been on my radar since it was first announced, but a lack of console and/or time made that difficult up until recently. The game starts off really well. All the initial cases are well done and feature just as much slick yet tawdriness as to be expected […]

Splinter Cell Conviction was a bad purchase

I bought Splinter Cell Conviction as I felt that, as a Splinter Cell fan, I really should play it. Two levels in and I am incredibly angry at the game, the developers and mourning the loss of a fantastic series. I should have listened to myself.

The lack of choice in gaming

Choices feature more or less in some games. There are games that are truly linear offering no choices [such as the excellent Beyond Good & Evil], games that offer some choices [such as BioShock with the little sisters which affected the finale] and games that are all about choices [such as the Mass Effect trilogy]. […]

Gaming weekend

As I am on my way to work after a four-day blissful Easter weekend I’m torn between the guilt of not doing anything constructive that I planned and remembering the fun I had playing games for most of my waking hours. On Friday I spent close to 12 hours playing LA Noire, most of this […]

Is gaming a chore?

I’ve gotten out of gaming in the past and I’ve in the past often had periods during which I didn’t game though they were mostly down to not having a 360. I got Skyrim on the PC [well, my laptop] since the week of its release and have not played it at all this year. […]

Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2

I recently completed Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 or SWTFU2. I mentioned it very briefly before. I played the first one shortly after its release and was surprisingly enjoying it very much. The Euphoria game engine coupled with the ability to let loose with a lightsaber worked very well and the difficulties were well […]

Star Wars: The Old Republic

I got very excited a couple of weeks ago when I received an email to the weekend beta testing for Star Wars: The Old Republic as it has been a game I’ve waited for a long time. I had never played an MMO before with the exception of free trials for WoW, Eve Online, Star […]


Skyrim has consumed my life for the past few days with my total time spent probably around 35 hours. It is quite an extraordinary game with lots to explore and do from cutting random pieces of wood for no reason to killing dragons. Looking at my stats there are a few things that surprise me; […]

Killing stormtroopers ain’t quite the same any more

A played a little bit of Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 last night following watching most of season 1 of the Clone Wars this weekend. The game is, just like the first one, quite a lot of fun, but I found myself not really wanting to kill stormtroopers at times. The Clone Wars gives […]

Apps on my phone

I keep getting asked by new Android users which apps I would recommend [All the apps currently on my phone can be seen on AppBrain] and for a while I’ve been meaning to make a post on the apps I use regularly. This isn’t it! This is a post on the apps that I’ve just removed off […]

Why does Facebook recommend someone to me that it cannot know I know?

For the past four months Facebook has consistently been recommending one person to me. Unlike some other irregular suggestions this is actually someone I know, but I can’t figure out why Facebook would even know that I know this person. Back when I still lived in Germany I spent six years doing voluntary work with children. The […]

Gaming memories – Condemned

Some of the recent nightmares I’ve had were sort of related to this moment in Condemned though the game most certainly isn’t the reason they have occured. I’m still not sure why I bought and played the game. I don’t like scary films or scary books, but particularly not scary games. For some reason I […]

The rise and fall of a superhero on Twitter [@DMLFury]

Twitter is great for many reasons, but reading Drew’s Nightshift adventures wasn’t something I’d seen before. And it was kinda awesome. Oh and shameless plug, he was also the first #TwitLight participant two years ago! You can read about that here – Who are you, @FrustratedFury? Though he’s since changed his name.. Did you know […]


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