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What does YOUR handwriting look like?

I have now been able to write for 19 years since I was first taught the ‘Vereinfachte Schreibschrift’ which translates to English as ‘Basic Cursive penmanship’. It is the standard form taught across all the primary schools in Germany and demands the writer to write all the letters joined together with the exception of the […]

Programs I use

My laptop is now two years old and these days I live in constant fear that it willl die on me, become corrupted or I’ll drop it accidentally, yet I never actually seem to get around to backup properly. My laptop has everything on it, from TV shows and films since I don’t have physical […]

Some more links in the Killerspiele debate

After my other post looking into the debate to ban or restrict access to video games in Germany I’ve come across some more links that delve more into the topic, as well as some studies. Some are in German, so please use a translator. Der Markt verlangt nach Sensation [] – It appears that I’m […]

Say hello to an old friend – the Killerspiele discussion is back!

Those who know me know that I like to play video games. I like a variety of games, as the list of my favourite Xbox games shows, as well as many 360 games, such as Dead Rising, Oblivion, Mass Effect, Rainbow 6 Vegas and other games more commonly referred to as ‘kiddie games’. I have […]

Ext HDD problems

The error message I get when connecting my Western Digital 1TB external HDD. It was running fine until about thirty minutes ago when it I couldn’t connect to it any more. Since then I’ve rebooted my laptop, reinstalled the drivers for the HDD, attempted to use the Western Digital Lifeguard problem solver [can’t see the […]

Laptop troubles

Right, so I’m having a little problem with my laptop or rather the power lead with it or, what I’m suspecting, the power brick thing along the lead. Basically my laptop didn’t get any more power and the brick thing was beeping when it had electricity, even if it wasn’t connected to the laptop. It’s […]


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