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2012 in review

2012 was a curious year for me with a lot happening. After glorious #funemployment lasting six months I got a new job that I am still enjoying ten months later. Whilst it is the best job I have had my whole life, which is in a large part due to the relaxed working hours, I […]

The Oxford Philomusica [again!]

Last night I went to see the Oxford Philomusica at the Reading Concert Hall again. I’d seen them twice before, but this was by far their best one. They played: Prokofiev – Classical Symphony Saint-Saëns – Cello Concerto No. 1 in A minor, Op. 33 Casals – Song of the Birds [encore for Natalie Clein] […]

Romeo and Juliet: Live from The Royal Opera House

On Thursday I went to see Romeo and Juliet: Live from The Royal Opera House at the cinema. Like many people I have discovered Prokofiev through The Apprentice, where it is used as the theme music and, liking it a lot, have listened to the rest several times since. Spotify link. Wikipedia Link. I think […]

The European Union Chamber Orchestra at The Hexagon [@TheHexagon]

Tonight I went to see the European Union Chamber Orchestra at The Hexagon in Reading after winning tickets from the Reading Arts Facebook page. The concert featured the following setlist, as well as a couple of extra short pieces as encores: Warlock – Capriol Suite Mozart – Concerto for Flute & Harp in C Major […]

The London Symphony Orchestra at The Hexagon [@londonsymphony & @TheHexagon]

Tonight I went to see a concert by the London Symphony Orchestra in the Hexagon in Reading which marks the first time I’ve been inside the Hexagon, despite having lived in Reading for over ten years. I’ve realised over the past year that I quite enjoy seeing classical concerts, such as the Oxford Philomusica and a […]

In prison

Yesterday I went to prison or rather a former prison. I was in the Palazzo delle Prigioni in Venice to see a concert. It included opera performances from Rossini, Chopin and others and, particularly with the setting, was beautiful. Venice, however, is very, very cold.

This month’s been busy

There is so much I’ve been meaning to blog about yet never did get around to in the past few weeks. I’ve actually been kind of busy! I went to Germany. I went to Germany again. I went to Exeter. I went to London. I went to a Proms concert inside the Royal Albert Hall. […]

Oxford Philomusica

A couple of weeks ago I won tickets to see the Oxford Philomusica at the Reading Concert Hall tonight. It was mainly music I hadn’t listened to much before which is why I created a Spotify playlist and additionally it was the first time I was inside the Reading Concert Hall and the first classical […]


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