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Why do tweets about alcohol always get the most replies?

Surely it would indicate that most of my followers may have too much! Here’s the previous time a tweet about alcohol got quite a few and this is what I got yesterday. . How long does a screwtop bottle of red wine remain drinkable once opened? # . jhomerston: I’d say about 2 days, 3 […]

It’s almost like something unusual happened in Reading!

10 hours. 81 tweets. The Reading hashtag. Most of them about the same thing: asilon: Please don’t rain in #rdg; I have a lot of washing to get dry today. # parent2: @asilon Sorry! RT @getreading: Flash warning of heavy rain for Reading: #rdgnews #rdg # lortolan: Here comes the rain in #shinfield… RT […]

Gamer Banter: Cover art? No, thanks!

Gamer Banter is a monthly gaming discussion of multiple bloggers. More info is here and please contact Terry from Game Couch if you wish to take part. July’s topic is set by Terry from Game Couch: How important is cover art to you? Not at all.

Yes, I still write letters!

Back in the day [oh how I hate that phrase!] I used to write and receive a lot of letters, especially when I went to school in England for a year and later moved back here. It was pretty much the only way to stay in contact with my friends and gave me something to […]


It was a beautiful day; I was walking along the rather idyllic lake on the Reading University campus with two of my friend’s kids when the unthinkable happened: Chased by approximately 80 ducks and geese at the Reading Uni lake! [They didn’t all fit the picture!] # Yes, of course they didn’t actually harm me […]

And it continues..

My attempts at being ill this year continues well. Since my last post on the subject in February I’ve had countless colds lasting about a week each time, pulled muscles and back pain. The only positive side effect is that I’m finally registered with a GP; something that’s taken me over seven years! At the […]

Reason #1328* I love Twitter

*Number may not be accurate. Good start to a day that ended badly, mainly with my own annoyance at things! Going home to no internet but wine and latest #Lost episode! # Alcohol *does* solve all problems, correct? #

On game completion

A while back I’ve had a conversation on Twitter with @PCurd and @jamesbmarshall: PCurd: @craigyd I bought Torchlight in it off your recommendation :) Also Kotor as I’ve lost my pc copy. # carocat: @PCurd KotOR again?! Aren’t your saves on the Xbox though? # PCurd: @carocat I have saves on 1.0, 360 and pc. […]

Thanks, Twitter!

I had a problem with my iPod earlier and, after being unable to find anything helpful on the Apple site, I decided to turn to Twitter for help: carocat: My iPod classic [80GB] crashed and is now unresponsive, but screen is still lit and grey. Can’t turn it off or anything else. Help? Within a […]

Sometimes Twitter worries me!

Sometimes Twitter conversations take worrying turns. Actually, it’s probably more than sometimes. . embee Happiness is fresh strawberries dipped in Nutellaabout 1 hour ago from TweetDeck wolfgang @embee argh how can you spoil the nutella with strawberries!?32 minutes ago from Power Twitter embee @wolfgang what?! Are you objecting to them being consumed together or strawberries […]


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