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Books I’ve read in 2012

The lovely Joe bought me a Kindle and I’d rediscovered my love for reading. I don’t whether it is because it’s so easy to pick up a book for just a few minutes at a time or perhaps the instant gratification of reading a purchased book within a minute on my Kindle, but since January I […]

Venice inspired weekend

I’ve still not blogged about this week’s Venice trip which is mainly due to my pictures being worse than I expected. I’ve tried looking through them and editing the ones I’ve got to make them bearable, but about 3/4s of them just aren’t all that. The ones I have started posting can be found over […]

La Fenice

For the past couple of days I’ve been reading Donna Leon’s ‘Death at La Fenice’ which is the first of her Commisario Brunetti books. Whilst I’ve read them before many years ago I don’t really remember them too well and am yet again wondering who the murderer could be. It really helps with the immersion […]

“Thanks for ordering from”

I’m still trying to do more reading and with an English exam coming up, as well as a lot of unread books at home what could possibly be better than buying books, right? A few years ago I read several Donna Leon novels and liked them a lot. They are set in Venice which is […]


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