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A long awaited picture

I lost a bunch of items back in 2008 which meant I didn’t have any more images from my mum. With the relationship to my stepdad as it is, I only got a new picture on this week’s trip to Germany. I’m planning to have it printed on canvas and to also have several others […]

First night. Well, kind of anyway!

*smacks hand to forehead* Forgot to actually publish this. It’s now a day later! As I’m typing this I’m alone in my flat for the first time which is quite surprising seeing I’ve been here for over 48 hours so far! Yet again I’ve moved houses for the umpteenth time in the last six years […]

It’s not easy..

My grandad [born in 1925] has Parkinson’s disease, very early onset of Alzheimer’s disease, had several strokes, a heart attack and has a pacemaker. Simple things such a trip into town to the doctor or his twice weekly rehab visits render him too tired to attempt anything else on the day and he sleeps several […]

Introducing mechanical Cat..

As I was talking to a good friend via IM yesterday and today [no offence if you are reading this, this has nothing to do with you personally] I’ve found myself become less and less interested in the conversation and my mind just somewhat drifted off to the point where I ended up feeling rather […]


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