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Terrified by my own Sky+ box

I’ve been quite busy the last few weeks with work or spending weekends away at friend’s or going to weddings. In the meantime all the recorded series’ links have continued recording and I only have 13% left of what I believe is a 1TB hard drive. Most of them also have more than one episode […]

RIP Larry Hagman

When I was growing up I wasn’t generally allowed to watch TV. It would be on when my parents wanted to watch something and occasionally during dinner, but for the most part it was just not a thing I was allowed to do. Of course, during those moments I was alone in the flat [which, […]

Murder, She Wrote made me laugh

Some episodes of Murder, She Wrote are better than others and the one I’m just watching now actually made me laugh out loud. Taken from the episode ‘A story to die for’, Jessica Fletcher is unaware that she suspected of murder and approached by two FBI agents: Knock on the door, Jessica opens. Jessica: Agents! […]


Went to see Brave today which actually turned out to be a good film. It was quite predictable, but had some lovely touches, even though the brothers of the princess were rather scary, especially in their other form. It also brought back the urge to play Fable and especially Skyrim again. Mostly though it made […]

RIP Andy Griffith

When I was just a little girl I used to love watching TV with my mum in the afternoons. Shows like ‘Murder, She Wrote‘, ‘MacGyver‘, ‘Diagnosis: Murder‘ and, one of my mum’s favourites, ‘Matlock‘. I remember quite a lot of the things from that time, such as having first explained the concept of standard intro […]

“London smells like my grandma”

Tonight I saw ‘The Pirates! In an Adventure with Scientists’ at the cinema. The film probably would have passed me by had it not been for a friend and mine’s decision to go to a cinema, as well as the process of elimination of all the other terrible films that are out. Pirates! was fun […]

The many mistakes of Kim Bauer

I’ve been watching a fair bit of 24 lately; first rewatching season 2-4 and then watching the remaining seasons for the first time. Generally I mostly like 24, but there are many things that annoy me about it some of which I’ve already mentioned in a previous post in 2009. Some other things include government […]

Timetravel in TV shows

Timetravelling in TV shows is always a precarious thing as it has to be done with the existing universe in mind and can’t rewrite previous episodes. Lost is something that managed to do it well, even though it seems incredibly confusing during the first watch. Now that Lost is finished I only have a couple […]

Easy Kiweasy!

Today I baked some kiwi muffins following [mostly] the Kiweasy recipe on the Abel & Cole website. Not only did I bake and cook for the second day in a row, but I also did something I mentioned in the previous post so it’s pretty much a double achievement! I modified the recipe by using […]

Children’s stories

I’ve had several separate conversations about books I read as a child over the past few days. One of them evolved around fairy tales, particularly the quite grim Grimm’s ones [see what I did there…?] and the other about Sherlock Holmes. If my memory is correct, which is always a caveat to add to most […]


I recently finished watching the final series of Medium. It’s a show I discovered years ago and, despite not really being convinced by its concept, stuck to. Mediums and premonitions aren’t really anything I give credit to. The show was great for its characters, particularly the DuBois family. Joe’s difficulty of dealing with his wife’s […]

Killing stormtroopers ain’t quite the same any more

A played a little bit of Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 last night following watching most of season 1 of the Clone Wars this weekend. The game is, just like the first one, quite a lot of fun, but I found myself not really wanting to kill stormtroopers at times. The Clone Wars gives […]

24 Season 5

Seeing I am practically stuck in bed with a knee injury at the moment I figured this was a good time as any to be watching 24, a show I can’t seem to watch over time. I have written about 24 before: 10 things I have noticed about 24 What if… 24 was set in […]

Galaxy Quest mockumentary

I’ve mentioned Galaxy Quest before and how it’s one of my favourite films. io9 [which now has such a horrible layout] posted a mockumentary on Galaxy Quest, all in universe with the original extras. It’s about 20 minutes long and feels like it should be a DVD extra even though it isn’t? It’s full of […]


Even though I’ve known about V for a while I’ve only just started watching it properly now as Elizabeth Mitchell‘s presence confused me while Lost was still ongoing. And she is also one of the main reasons I’m watching it with one of the other ones being Morena Baccarin. The general concept is intriguing with […]

Another one to file under ‘I wish I hadn’t bought this’.

Full size I’ve been watching 24 over the last few days which I’ve mentioned multiple times on Twitter. Like here and here and here and here. This isn’t the first time I’ve watched it, but despite being annoyed about many things [this list is in no way conclusive!] I’ve decided to rewatch some of it […]

The Hobbit

I’m currently listening to ‘The Hobbit’ written by J. R. R. Tolkien and read by Rob Inglis. It’s this version. Over the years I’ve always insisted that I don’t like audiobooks much and have only ever listened to a few which includes Stephen Fry reading Harry Potter, several Patricia Cornwell ones, Stephen Hawking, and the […]

Films I watched when I was a teenager

I’m not sure if it was the soundtrack or the film itself, but watching ‘Cruel Intentions’ earlier brought back a lot of memories about films that I used to watch as a teen. Talking to @Vinjii on Twitter made me wonder what other films I remember fondly from my teenage years, before I grew up […]


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