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Timetravel in TV shows

Timetravelling in TV shows is always a precarious thing as it has to be done with the existing universe in mind and can’t rewrite previous episodes. Lost is something that managed to do it well, even though it seems incredibly … Continue reading

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Easy Kiweasy!

Today I baked some kiwi muffins following [mostly] the Kiweasy recipe on the Abel & Cole website. Not only did I bake and cook for the second day in a row, but I also did something I mentioned in the … Continue reading

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Children’s stories

I’ve had several separate conversations about books I read as a child over the past few days. One of them evolved around fairy tales, particularly the quite grim Grimm’s ones [see what I did there…?] and the other about Sherlock … Continue reading

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I recently finished watching the final series of Medium. It’s a show I discovered years ago and, despite not really being convinced by its concept, stuck to. Mediums and premonitions aren’t really anything I give credit to. The show was … Continue reading

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Killing stormtroopers ain’t quite the same any more

A played a little bit of Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 last night following watching most of season 1 of the Clone Wars this weekend. The game is, just like the first one, quite a lot of fun, but … Continue reading

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24 Season 5

Seeing I am practically stuck in bed with a knee injury at the moment I figured this was a good time as any to be watching 24, a show I can’t seem to watch over time. I have written about … Continue reading

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Galaxy Quest mockumentary

I’ve mentioned Galaxy Quest before and how it’s one of my favourite films. io9 [which now has such a horrible layout] posted a mockumentary on Galaxy Quest, all in universe with the original extras. It’s about 20 minutes long and … Continue reading

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