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Unsolicited marketing emails can be funny

This is following about six previous emails outlining their services. I love the style of this email with it’s approachability whilst at the same time not even addressing me by my name and just keeping it as a blank field. Hey , My guess is that we’re out of touch for one of four reasons: […]

Why do tweets about alcohol always get the most replies?

Surely it would indicate that most of my followers may have too much! Here’s the previous time a tweet about alcohol got quite a few and this is what I got yesterday. . How long does a screwtop bottle of red wine remain drinkable once opened? # . jhomerston: I’d say about 2 days, 3 […]

Cat(s) rule(s)

In my continued efforts at procrastination instead of sorting pictures [yes, I know that post is from April and I haven’t done much since then, shush!] I’ve decided to tackle the much smaller amount of documents, letters, pdf’s and random notepad notes instead. Only a few hundred uncategorised ones there! Among random started blogposts, some […]


It was a beautiful day; I was walking along the rather idyllic lake on the Reading University campus with two of my friend’s kids when the unthinkable happened: Chased by approximately 80 ducks and geese at the Reading Uni lake! [They didn’t all fit the picture!] # Yes, of course they didn’t actually harm me […]

Reason #1328* I love Twitter

*Number may not be accurate. Good start to a day that ended badly, mainly with my own annoyance at things! Going home to no internet but wine and latest #Lost episode! # Alcohol *does* solve all problems, correct? #

Princess makes us a tempting offer!

Vishenka and Veronika were already interested and now Princess comes along, too! Dear friend, It can be so that you do not know me but i will introduce myself. I am … I think … i will keep my name in secret. Let it be Princess. I am a small Princess. I am from Russia. […]

Another tempting offer..

So where is this ominous Internet Dating Agency that keeps sharing my email address with desperate Russian women? And I thought Hola was Spanish, what is hello in Russian? Hola my friend!!! This message sent to you from Russian Internet dating agency ^^Land of Love^^. This is not spam or other bad things. So, please, […]

A tempting offer..

Sometimes spam mail doesn’t get filtered properly and ends up in my inbox. Sometimes the emails are hilarious: Greetings from Russian Federation. I am a girl of 28 years. My name is Natalia. My hometown is Vishenka. Its 30 km from St. Pitersburg I would like to find a freind from the USA. I got […]

Building the Millennium Falcon and showing the true hero of Star Wars!

There have been many Star Wars tribute videos out there and this is undoubly one of the better ones. I’m amazed at the effort that’s gone into this! via FallingBullets. Things that came to mind when I watched it: It’s completely inaccurate in the Star Wars universe! Greedo shot first! Why is Jean Luc Picard […]

Words escape me! [Gamertag change]

Last year I wrote a post on how to change your Xbox Live Gamertag after many people came to my blog searching for it. Since then I’ve had many people contact me with more specific questions, for example if it’s possible to get a name changed if enough people complain about it [not to my […]

Sometimes Twitter worries me!

Sometimes Twitter conversations take worrying turns. Actually, it’s probably more than sometimes. . embee Happiness is fresh strawberries dipped in Nutellaabout 1 hour ago from TweetDeck wolfgang @embee argh how can you spoil the nutella with strawberries!?32 minutes ago from Power Twitter embee @wolfgang what?! Are you objecting to them being consumed together or strawberries […]

If it’s so important to you then why won’t you answer?

Via Tom Harris. Never thought I’d say it, but I agree with the Daleks!

21 economic models explained with cows

SOCIALISM You have 2 cows. You give one to your neighbour. COMMUNISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and gives you some milk. FASCISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and sells you some milk. NAZISM You have 2 cows. The State takes both and shoots you. BUREAUCRATISM You have 2 […]

“Soon I’m gonna be a Jedi” – or how Cat missed it for two years!

The video can’t be embedded any more, but you can find it on Youtube following this link. Big thanks to Matt! This song is actually over two years old, but I’ve heard it before or seen the video, even though I’m a big Star Wars fan. Awesome lyrics and an excellent video well worth watching. […]

Farewell to Captain Birdseye

Today, we bid farewell to Captain Birdseye. We hope he finds a plaice to rest where eel be happy. He haddock great run, and there’ll be playing a tuna two for him and his mighty mullet – it warms the cockles of your heart even though he was hard of herring by the end. Captain […]

Would you pay 4850 dollars more for that?


Dinner for One

It’s New Years Eve and living in England there is one German tradition that I miss out on year after year. In fact it’s as essential to Germany at New Year’s Eve as the Queen’s speech is to England at Christmas. Also called ‘The 90th Birthday’, Dinner for One is a sketch by the British […]

What if…

24 was set in 1994? Back in the days with no mobile phones, dial up and the big printers.. Personally I prefer the high tech version.. Cat


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