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Dragon Age: Origins. Who would have thought a dog could save the world?

I’ve finally completed Dragon Age Origins and overall it’s the first BioWare game I’ve mostly not enjoyed, despite wanting to like it all the way through. The last three hours were painful and, although final bossfights tend to let me forget how much hassle they were moments after beating them, I still can’t forgive DAO […]

Review: Splinter Cell Double Agent

Looking through old files on my PC, I’ve come across this, a review of Splinter Cell Double Agent I wrote for Ignition in November last year. To read the version with the pretty pictures [it’s worth it!], head over to the Ignition site and download it. Splinter Cell was a game that contributed to defining […]


BioShock was undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of this year, mainly due to the teasing trailers and the developer walkthroughs demonstrating some novel ideas to the now rather lame first Person Shooter genre. After all there are only so many times you want to shoot people, throw grenades and punch them in the […]


As I’ve mentioned in a post a few days ago, I’ve now played Gun. Again. It is set in the Wild West and you’re playing Cole who has a very troubled history, finds out that his father isn’t who he thought it was and generally has to save the world. It is a sandbox type […]

Rainbow Six Vegas demo Part 2

After properly playing the Rainbow Six demo I’ve slightly changed my opinion since the weekend. I am absolutely loving this demo now. I’ve just been playing it for the last maybe 4 hours and I’m really loving it. Terrorist mode is just so unpredictable, as enemies can be anywhere. Change the difficulty to realistic and […]

Rainbow Six Vegas demo

Just incase you didn’t know the Rainbow Six Vegas demo is on the marketplace now. It took me forever to download, as my internet is still being capped. :( First impression, the character customisation is amazing and I think it’ll be great in the full game, especially as the full game will have the vision […]

Splinter Cell Double Agent

Ever since the first Splinter Cell I’ve been hooked to the series, but never really bothered too much about the single player. Multiplayer has always been the main reason I played the games. Splinter Cell Double Agent is different. Not only is the single player divers and brings new elements with the trust system, but […]


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