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Too many languages..

..yet it’s only two! My inability to speak German has found its way into several blogposts before with the most notable one being this one. Things have somewhat changed since then. A couple of months ago I started a new job in marketing which required me to only speak English with the very occasional checks […]

Auf Wiedersehen, former native German language skills..

I’ve lived in English speaking countries for approximately nine years of my life and during that time my German has deterioated immensly. . I still remember the first time I noticed myself thinking in English; I was 14 years old, walking down Friar St in Reading having just left WH Smith and my English pen […]

Links I’ve been meaning to blog about for too long

The title says it all and some of these have been open in Firefox tabs for months! Can you predict review scores? – I can’t believe anyone thought this was worthy of a company! Maybe I should start a company like that and make money! Stop Telling Me What To Do – Lengthy [and I […]

On my English..

As I mentioned recently I am intending to take part in this year’s NaNoWriMo which is something I had been meaning to do for a few years, but always lost interest even before it started. Only time will tell if I will complete it this year or even start, but I’m looking forward to some […]


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