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More issues with Boots Opticians

My problems with Boots Opticians are still not over. Was notified that the glasses had come in this morning and they ended up being the wrong ones. Even worse, none of the notes of my complaint were on the system. In order to make things easier for everyone when I will go back to speak to a […]

Boots Opticians trouble

A few months ago I started a blogpost about my displeasure of Boots Opticians which I never finished writing and subsequently never published. In April 2011 I got two pairs of glasses from Boots Opticians after my previous ones of over three years had broken. It was the first time I had used Boots Opticians […]

Woah, I’m tall! Wait, why is the floor wavy?

Last week my glasses finally broke and I ordered new ones. On Monday I was told that there was an unexpected delay. Thanks, Boots, for not phoning to tell me my glasses have been delayed to next week. Not like I expected more with the amount I’ve spent. # However, as I had to get […]

Broken glasses

It’s been three years and seven months since I last bought a new pair of glasses which I only remember as I blogged about it at the time. With those glasses it was the first time I was discovered to have astigmatism, but my overall eyesight appeared to have improved since the previous pair I […]

The October ’07 digest.

October’s been a month in which I didn’t blog much again, but there were a few changes to the blog and my live. This is incase you missed any of it. I’ve moved, watched Heroes [amongst other stuff] and played too much Halo 3. This blog also has a new domain – Blame Halo […]

I have the keys!

As of yesterday I finally have the keys and can start moving and setting up furniture. Not too sure if the actual move is something to look forward to, but the final result will be worth it. View of the fireplace and the mirror above it! Currently I am aiming to have fully moved by […]

Today’s the BIG day!

Today is the day I am finally moving. I know I’ve mentioned the house before here and I’m sure everyone else is pretty much bored of me constantly talking about it, but I am just so excited! It feels so very grown up to move somewhere on my own, it’s almost scary. I have my […]


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