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Google Reader

Google Reader is shutting down. It has been my daily routine since 2008 and I am genuinely sad about losing it. There are a bunch of petitions around, but why would Google bother to listen. In the meantime I’ve been recommended these links and will need to check them out soon: Lifehacker Mashable Cnet Reddit […]

Gmail stats

I was looking round the Google dashboard for the settings of a service when I stumbled across these stats: Inbox: 3936 conversations All mail: 58113 conversations Sent mail: 5290 conversations Saved drafts: 185 conversations Chat history: 4740 conversations Spam: 234 conversations I have had my gmail account since 2005. I receive around 100-150 spam emails […]

To-do lists

I’ve never been a fan of to-do lists in my private life which, I suppose, is mostly due to always using them in a working environment to keep myself organised. It all progressed over time starting with making notes in my diary on the day something was due to having dozens of post-it notes littering […]

And my Google+ issues are still not resolved

I changed my name on my Google+ profile the other day after being warned I would be unable to carry on using other Google services. Two days after I had noticed my profile is still under review and it is now past the deadline: Your profile is being reviewed Your profile was flagged for violating the […]

Job searching with social media – Day 1

For the past few months I have been looking for a new job, as well as working on updating my CV and all the other things that come with it. Up until yesterday I was unable to utilise social media in my job search, as I was on a contract pending renewal and I didn’t […]

More Google+ woes

I changed my name on my Google+ profile the other day after being warned I would be unable to carry on using other Google services. The following message still greets me 48 hours later and makes me wonder what would have happened had I left it until a day before the deadline: Your profile is […]

Google+ rant

I clicked over to Google+ this evening to be greeted with the following message: There’s a problem with your Google+ profile It appears that the name you entered does not comply with the Google+ Names Policy. The Names Policy requires that you use the name that you are commonly referred to in real life in […]

Does a Google Doodle warrant a news story? [Spoiler alert: No]

Google Doodle or, what Wikipedia calls, “arty version of the Google logo” has been around for a while marking important events or anniversaries all newsworthy in themselves. A few weeks ago, whilst googling [ha!] a Google Doodle I came across the Mirror and its reporting on said Google Doodle making the story to be only newsworthy, […]

Sites that I visit on a daily basis

Lately I have been looking at changing my online experience and more so consolidating more things into fewer sites which really just makes it sound like I’m talking about a loan on daytime TV! In order to look at where I spend my time online I’ve monitored my online activity over a week with Google’s […]

What’s up today?

Believe it or not, today’s the day of the ninja. Ah, I hear you ask, how do I become a ninja? Do not fear, the good ol raincoaster blog shows you how to. I’ve just come back from living an internetless life for just over 24 hours at a time which could’ve not been picked […]

Everyone turning into stalkers?

Came across this during my more random internet travels. I use Google a lot. And I have used it to lookup people, find phonenumbers, addresses and such like. Google anyones name and you can see heaps of information on them unless they’re blessed [cursed?] with a common name. Is this the future? Everyone turning into […]

Failure on Google

I’m sure I’ve told many of you about this before. Either way, Google have now made an official announcement about it: “If you do a Google search on the word [failure] or the phrase [miserable failure], the top result is currently the White House’s official biographical page for President Bush. We’ve received some complaints recently […]

Google Image Labeler

I’ve been getting quite addicted to this lately. Basically it’s a new thing from Google (labeled Beta as everything by Google ;)) and it puts you and another person together to label random images so they can improve the quality of tehir picture searches. Both you and your partner have 90 seconds to match the […]


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