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Need more soundtracks. Need them now!

Having just started a “normal” 9-5 job again I have discovered I’m in need of more orchestral soundtracks from either films or games. Whilst my iPod has over 70GB of music, a large part of it is unsuitable as it’s with lyrics which distracts me too much or, worse, could lead me to sing along. […]

Video Game soundtracks

JPLS’ post on his favourite game music got me thinking on what my favourite gaming soundtracks are and why. Game music is an integral part of the game playing experience so it’s hardly surprising that most of the game music I own is from my favourite games and it’s also probably not very susprising that […]


As I’ve mentioned in a post a few days ago, I’ve now played Gun. Again. It is set in the Wild West and you’re playing Cole who has a very troubled history, finds out that his father isn’t who he thought it was and generally has to save the world. It is a sandbox type […]

Lazy day

Had a bit of a lazy day today, infact I didn’t do anything apart from playing Gun all day which I have to say is a brilliant game. It’s the second time I’ve played it (I played the Xbox version last year) and I still like it. Phoebe is going crazy at the moment. She […]


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