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In 2009

#In2009 is a hashtag that’s been popular on Twitter the past few days and it’s been interesting to see what other people have done in 2009. I posted a tweet as well, but feel like I want to elaborate a bit more. My tweet: #In2009 I moved back to Reading #rdg and realised a lot […]

A good day

Today has been a fairly unremarkable, yet really good at the same time. I was looking after Bella this weekend and Ian came round today to pick her up again. We had planned to spend the day together as he had promised to cut the grass in my garden for me which really needed doing! […]

First night. Well, kind of anyway!

*smacks hand to forehead* Forgot to actually publish this. It’s now a day later! As I’m typing this I’m alone in my flat for the first time which is quite surprising seeing I’ve been here for over 48 hours so far! Yet again I’ve moved houses for the umpteenth time in the last six years […]

The October ’07 digest.

October’s been a month in which I didn’t blog much again, but there were a few changes to the blog and my live. This is incase you missed any of it. I’ve moved, watched Heroes [amongst other stuff] and played too much Halo 3. This blog also has a new domain – Blame Halo […]

Well, that didn’t quite work.

As I posted yesterday, I was meant to finally get my keys and move. Well, there were some complications… I viewed the house on the 3rd of September and paid my deposit the same week. The agency got the work reference in the same week and then the only references missing were my bank and […]

Today’s the BIG day!

Today is the day I am finally moving. I know I’ve mentioned the house before here and I’m sure everyone else is pretty much bored of me constantly talking about it, but I am just so excited! It feels so very grown up to move somewhere on my own, it’s almost scary. I have my […]

Republish your first post!

It’s that first post, writing it, proof reading it and publishing it that starts it all off. The first post on the first blog that is the beginning of the end as you only then realise just how much time you spend blogging! Often you’re not sure what you want the blog to be about. […]


Hi, my name is Cat and this is my blog. I haven’t blogged in a while and I’m not really too sure why. I guess it’s partially due to me realising just how much more I complained, realising that I don’t have much to talk about and that I didn’t have much time. So what’s […]

Goodbye Suki

I’ve not been on here or online much in the last few days and life’s generally been a bit shitty. As I don’t do much during the day I have been looking after Andrew and Ian’s dogs: Suki and Bella. This has been going on since the end of December and it’s only me, the […]

360, cracking down and forums

So…. It’s been an interesting few days. Received Crackdown through the post on Monday. It’s a semi futuristic GTA type game with ability upgrades and generally quite fun. The main selling point is that it contains the Halo 3 beta which lasts three weeks after May, 16th. Yes, I am looking forward to the beta, […]

And that’s that

My housemates are splitting up, Andrew will be moving out within the next month and Ian will sell the house. I will have to move yet again for the 6th time in 3 1/2 years. I don’t have the money to find a place on my own, so yet again I’ll have to live with […]

Alex can sit!

The latest from the kittens: Alex can sit! It’s now 2 weeks and 2 days that the kittens were born and they are making some real progress. Billie absolutely loves to be stroked on the belly, Danny is really energetic and Alex, well, he sat up properly earlier. It only lasted ten seconds, but it […]

I live with crazy people!

I love my housemates, I really do, but sometimes it makes me wonder just how sane they are. Probably not very much, considering they put up with me…. Anyways, Ian thought it was a great idea trying out all the stuff his funky webcam can do and he ended up taking a video of himself […]

Am I the only one to see reality?

I am really, really starting to get annoyed with so many people when it comes to my kittens. No one seems to understand that there is so much more to it than just having cute kittens. Yes, they are cute, but they will also be living in my small room which is currently full of […]

About Phoebe

Having a pet is a lot more of an commitment then it sounds. You have to make sure they have food, a quiet place to sleep and loads of attention. I knew about all this before getting Phoebe and it’s no problem. Last night Phoebe was ill. She’s been behaving oddly for a few hours, […]

Don’t go round being late for work every other day or else…

… you will lose your job. Just like my housemate did today. Getting a slight deja-vu as you are reading this post? Yes, that’s right, it’s the second housemate this week to lose his job and I posted a very similar post just two days ago. That means that I am now living in a […]

Don’t go round starting arguments with your boss or else…

… you will lose your job. Just like my housemate did today. I hope he finds another job soon though (even if it’s only so he isn’t in the house every day!). All the best with him. :) Cat

2006 – My year in Review

And what an interesting year it’s been. These are a few things that I have been up to or that have changed this year, in no particular order: In July Andrew, Ian, Suki and I moved house. Ian bought his parents semi-detached house which technically is only around the corner from our old house, but […]


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