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Thank you

Thanks to you for all the help you gave me in my previous post. I ended up formatting my laptop and reinstalling everything. Something that was overdue anyway I guess. Good news is I have a lot more space now! As to answer some of the comments: katm: I didn’t change anything which is why […]

Internet problems – Help appreciated/wanted

I’m currently having some really odd problems with my internet that I can’t seem to figure out or solve:   There are many sites that I can’t access most of the time. Most sites don’t load 99% of the time. Infact the only sites that load without any problems so far are: Google, Gmail and […]

What’s up today?

Believe it or not, today’s the day of the ninja. Ah, I hear you ask, how do I become a ninja? Do not fear, the good ol raincoaster blog shows you how to. I’ve just come back from living an internetless life for just over 24 hours at a time which could’ve not been picked […]

Oh well.

Please don’t mention the word internet to me. Please don’t…. The engineer came round on time, looked at the connection, changed the sockets in the house, retested the line and it was all working fine. As soon as he left it got worse again. Getting speed under 1 Meg, it STILL disconnects and it’s just […]

The internet is slow….

Some of you may know of my internet problems. After all I’ve not just mentioned it once, but twice before. Well, it’s not as simple as it seemed to be.The reason my internet was so slow was because our connection was capped as we had exceeded the monthly peak time download allowance which is 20GB. […]

Pissed off housemates ftw….

Yes, that was sarcasm, my dear reader. Situation in the house as of now is slightly tense, more than it has been. We have now given Adam a 1 month ultimatum/trial phase and if unsatisfactory he will have to go. Spent quite a bit of time yesterday talking to everyone and trying to calm things […]


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