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Books I’ve read in 2012

The lovely Joe bought me a Kindle and I’d rediscovered my love for reading. I don’t whether it is because it’s so easy to pick up a book for just a few minutes at a time or perhaps the instant gratification of reading a purchased book within a minute on my Kindle, but since January I […]

Broken Kindle!

A post describing the amazing experience of my Kindle is long overdue. After all it got me back to reading and I have read the following books since receiving it on the beginning of this year: The Sleepless Nanny by Christa Charter The English German Girl by Jack Wallis Simons Seven Agatha Raisin books that I […]

Crime writing workshop

Last night I went to a crime writing workshop hosted by the Reading library: Reading Library presents a unique opportunity to take part in a Crime Writing workshop with popular authors Danny Miller and Emlyn Rees. Debut novelist Danny Miller [@dannymillerkmq] is author of noir thriller Kiss Me Quick. He is also a playwright and […]

Jessica Daniel – Locked In & Vigilante by Kerry Wilkinson [@kerrywk]

Locked in was the first book I downloaded a sample of before realising I liked the book enough to buy it. It was specifically this sentence within the first few pages: She had no texts, no missed calls and the only emails were ones offering her enhancements she definitely wouldn’t be needing without far more […]

Is gaming a chore?

I’ve gotten out of gaming in the past and I’ve in the past often had periods during which I didn’t game though they were mostly down to not having a 360. I got Skyrim on the PC [well, my laptop] since the week of its release and have not played it at all this year. […]

Things I would like

This isn’t a new year’s resolution and it’s probably a quite #firstworldproblems kind of post. It all comes down to wanting to change things without changing too much and at the same time trying to take charge of life I guess rather than months passing by without me barely noticing. Or maybe not change, but […]


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