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Hot pink, emerald and gold lengthways scarf

I first started a scarf for my friend’s birthday all the way back in October when I opted for a patchworky looking pattern out of various knit and purl stitches over four rows with two different colours until I realised that the colours, whilst matching really well, were my favourite colours, not hers. Knowing that […]

The story of the jumpers [#secretchristmasknitting]

I can still hear myself insisting over and over to my friend that I was happy with just being able to do a garter stitch and that I didn’t feel like I needed to learn purl or any other fancy stitches. That was back in 2009 and since then I’ve learned a few more stitches. […]

Knitting: Green double moss stitch scarf

I’ve been rubbish with knitting this year and this is only my third completed knitting project which I’m mainly putting down to lack of time. I started this around two months ago and finally finished it yesterday. The above image shows the progression over time and, interestingly, also shows just how much lighting affects a […]

Knitting: Pretty little scarf

A few weeks ago I couldn’t resist the temptation and ended up buying some fairly expensive, at least for my standards, wool from John Lewis. It was in a clearance bin after all! The wool is spectacular and different from any wool I’ve ever knitted with. It’s layered and contains three very different repeating patterns […]

Knitting: @Anie67’s delayed birthday present

I’m not the best when it comes to keeping up with dates or rather actually giving a present on the day it’s due.. Truth be told I was so busy in the run up to her birthday that I only started knitting her scarf a few days before. Even worse, I then unravelled it again […]

Knitting: Red and purple striped scarf [The magic carpet]

This scarf went through quite a few versions before I finally settled on something. Originally I planned to knit a scarf in just a single colour, the red, then thought about using a pattern I’d seen in Let’s Knit which, annoyingly, isn’t available online, but couldn’t get that one working properly. The different rows were […]

Knitting: Christmas style wristwarmers

These sort of came about by mistake. I had just finished knitting a scarf for a friend and had a tiny amount of white wool left and the desire to make another pair of wristers so I started knitting and within a couple of days ended up with my christmas style wristers! Overall they took […]


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