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2012 in review

2012 was a curious year for me with a lot happening. After glorious #funemployment lasting six months I got a new job that I am still enjoying ten months later. Whilst it is the best job I have had my whole life, which is in a large part due to the relaxed working hours, I […]

Crochet time card holder

Work have recently introduced a new swipe card time system and, seeing I always seemed to forget where my card was, I decided to crochet one. Starting with the string I crochet two rows lengthways before crocheting a holder around the card, crocheting the sides together and attaching the string. The downside is that the […]

The snood

I went to Venice and I bought a snood. Sure, lots of other great things happened, too, but the snood has changed things. I had been looking at knitting one before, but never really saw the point in them until it was almost too cold to bear it. The one I bought from a random […]

A scarf fit for a pilot

Yesterday evening one of my housemates made the oddest request. He wanted me to knit him a scarf for his figure to go on top his model aeroplane when he’ll fly it later this year. How could I possibly resist this? The scarf was another lengthways scarf with five rows knitted over 65 stitches. I […]

Hot pink, emerald and gold lengthways scarf

I first started a scarf for my friend’s birthday all the way back in October when I opted for a patchworky looking pattern out of various knit and purl stitches over four rows with two different colours until I realised that the colours, whilst matching really well, were my favourite colours, not hers. Knowing that […]

Too many knitting projects!

I was hoping that once I’d finished my Christmas knitting I would have time for other things, namely the first jumper for myself, but I’m finding that I’m drowning in projects! There are a few projects I started months ago and they’re now wanting to be done, as well as other things on my mind. […]

Woll-Weber KG

Every time I visit my grandparent’s home town I stop by the only dedicated wool shop in town – Woll-Weber KG. It has 2.5 floors of all things wool from Knit Pro needles to sockwool to sections dedicated to fleece, as well as a whole floor just for discounted end-of-range wool with prices of 1 […]

Pictures of the purple jumper

All the images from the purple jumper. More info about the knitting here – the story of the jumpers.

Pictures of the green jumper

All the images from the green jumper. More info about the knitting here – the story of the jumpers.

The story of the jumpers [#secretchristmasknitting]

I can still hear myself insisting over and over to my friend that I was happy with just being able to do a garter stitch and that I didn’t feel like I needed to learn purl or any other fancy stitches. That was back in 2009 and since then I’ve learned a few more stitches. […]

Yet another post on my Christmas knitting

I’m happy to report that the Christmas knitting which looked so intimidating just a couple of days ago is now much more manageable. I completed and by now even gift-wrapped two major projects that have taken up a lot of my time of the past months and I can’t wait for Christmas purely so I […]

A tree in a tree!

Took a break from Christmas knitting the other day and attempted a couple of Christmas decorations with dubious results. I made a star of which we won’t speak of again and a Christmas tree based on this pattern. I’m not very happy with the tree though crocheting a gold border around it gave it some […]

Christmas presents

I’m starting to feel the pressure with all the Christmas knitting I planned to do. Originally I thought I had done it all well – I started before the end of October and I laid out exactly what I was going to knit for everyone and got the wool ahead of time. And then it […]

De Quervain syndrome – ‘Knitter’s thumb’ update

I’ve mentioned my thumb/hand issues before here and here and today went back to my GP surgery to have it looked at as it’s now been a month and the pain is still ongoing restricting not only my knitting, but also other daily activities. For example getting dressed is proving to be an issue daily. […]

Ongoing ‘knitter’s thumb’

Two weeks ago at around this time in the evening I felt the beginning of the strain in my right thumb. This left me with a bandaged thumb/hand for six days barely being able to use my hand without pain for four of them. Since then I have been very cautious and hardly knitted or […]

Knitter’s thumb!

Went to bed last night with a slight strain in my right thumb and put it down to too much knitting, even though I hadn’t really. Woke up throughout the night with pain, pins and needles and a slight bit of numbness so decided to go to the doctor’s. Apparently I’ve overused and strained my […]

Getting over my inner swinedog

One of the things I’ve touched on in a recent post is that I am trying my hardest to become more grounded and it involves getting back into a routine with life. This isn’t just having that cup of tea in the morning or getting up at the same time each day, but mainly it’s […]

#TwitLight: Who are you, @sahfenn?

TwitLight is a Twitter Spotlight posted at random when I have time and submissions. Take a look at all the previous TwitLights and you are more than welcome to take part, too! #TwitLight has finally returned after an absence of over two years and what a better way to come back with @sahfenn! I first […]


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