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A baby was born

It’s pretty much a non-event really though seeing social media explode from comments of a fake Professor Snape account commenting on it being a half-blood prince or a fake Prince Charles account making puns like ‘heir it comes’ alongside pictures of the baby presentation from The Lion King and Michael Jackson’s infamous window scene has […]

Google Reader replacement

As always I am leaving things to the last minute. I have less than two weeks left to find a Google Reader replacement, despite knowing I would have only until July. I suppose a large part of me was hoping that Google would reverse their decision, but it’s not looking likely. I think the difficulty […]

What would you do if you had a pet and it suddenly spoke to you?

This question came up in a conversation with a friend last night and, out of curiosity, I posted it both on Twitter & Facebook to see what replies others would give. For what it’s worth – my immediate reply was: ‘I’d stop drinking’ as I took another sip from the wine glass in my hand. […]

Best idea ever (maybe)

What I want is an electronic photo frame with silly/funny pictures off the internet plus plenty of cute cat pictures to put on my desk at work to get me through and entertain me on days like today. Not that I’d need an excuse really, I love the idea regardless! (FYI, my birthday is May […]

Nexus 10!

On Saturday I took the plunge and ordered a Nexus 10. It arrived yesterday. This post is written on it. So exciting!

Not quite so secure

From time to time I need to set up a new payee on my online banking. Setting up a new payee involves entering all the details and the amount. The screen then transfers to another screen with a four-digit number and calls the mobile associated with the bank account. Following that I need to enter […]

Tuesday was weird, Wednesday will have to be better!

Tuesday has been a weird day: A chance encounter with a former colleague which goes to show just how small this world is. A rushed day at work, as so many have been recently. A bank error putting me -£844 over my overdraft and I have no idea how to get to work in a […]

Snow, glorious snow!

On Friday snow hit the UK with more snow than even in 2010 so we did the only natural thing and built a snowman at work. As you do. Following that I had the first free weekend in two weekends which doesn’t sound so grand, but considering the hours I’d been working plus spending most […]

Facebook targeting fail

Working in marketing – which still sounds oh so pretentious – I deal with Facebook advertisement amongst other things. As such I know of all the targeting options available from the usual age or gender to the more unusual and somewhat creepy others. They’re outlined in this article, but here is a list of the […]

No longer nomadic?

My blog has been called – tales of the nomadic cat for quite a few years now. It’s been like it for at least four. I used to live a quite nomadic lifestyle – moving from house to house and even country at one point, as well as moving from online community to online […]


Went bowling for a friend’s birthday on Thursday. Due to some mix-up we couldn’t play when we had reserved lanes for and had to wait over an hour which led to a couple of beers and several games of pool. I can’t actually remember the last time I played either pool or went bowling. Bowling […]

No workplace disgruntlement here

I read this article over a week ago and have had mixed feelings about it. Whilst reading it I thought that I wouldn’t be able to recognise myself in an article called ‘Workers face ‘hard year of slog’ in 2013′, but as I got towards the end I found this paragraph resonating in me: “Workplace […]

Three player chess

Today I learned that there is such a thing as three player chess. Having not played standard chess for years and playing with two people who also hadn’t it took us all a lot longer than probably an advanced player to understand the rules and the complex moves with crossing the board. Quite often we […]

My personality type is “Groundbreaking Thinker”

Creative, resourceful and intellectually quick. Good at a broad range of things. Enjoy debating issues and may be into “one-upmanship”. They get very excited about new ideas and projects, but may neglect the more routine aspects of life. Generally outspoken and assertive. They enjoy people and are stimulating company. Excellent ability to understand concepts and […]

2012 in review

2012 was a curious year for me with a lot happening. After glorious #funemployment lasting six months I got a new job that I am still enjoying ten months later. Whilst it is the best job I have had my whole life, which is in a large part due to the relaxed working hours, I […]

Shine London 2012

Last year I had this crazy idea of signing up for a half marathon walk in aid of Cancer Research. I talked about it here and here. And then I didn’t talk about it any more.. First things first: I had a phenomenal number of donations totaling £313 [including gift aid] from these lovely people: […]

Cat on Google Streetview

A conversation with colleagues the other day about Google Streetview then led to and I remembered that time I saw a Google Streetview car go by. It was some time in August 2008 in Uxbridge outside the house I lived at the time and I was just waiting for a taxi to work. It’s […]

Telikos Protocol

Quite some time ago a friend of mine mentioned writing a comic series and produced a prelude edition for it of which I have a signed copy. Some time later he has a Kickstarter project for it! It’s got the honour of being the first Kickstarter project I’ve backed. I’m immensely proud of @peterbcooper and […]


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